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Re-fur A Friend!

Loyalty has its rewards, especially if you share your enthusiasm about Viand Pet with friends! Viand Pet has a lot of passionate pet owners that support us and spread the word about the transformational results of our food every day. You’ve seen the results of a wholesome, nutritious diet for your own pets so now it’s our turn to reward our most passionate advocates for doing what they’ve already been doing.

Re-fur Your Friends & Win!

For the month of April, we’re running our Refur-A-Friend competition that will award the Viand customer with the most paid referrals within the month of April. All you need is the email address of your referral entered through our site herePlease enter as many referrals you think could benefit from Viand. If your referral makes a purchase you get 1 entry. You will also make an additional 1500 points for every referral that makes a purchase. The most referrals will have a chance to win a year of Viand Pet food, and many more prizes listed below!




Grand Prize
One year’s worth of Viand pet food, up to $500!


2nd Place
Half year’s worth of Viand pet food, up to $250!


3rd Place
An amazing Pridebites toy of your choice!

*Referrals will be required to make a purchase before points can be applied to accounts. Your referral will need to sign up with the same email address you used to send the referral for points to be applied correctly. All entries will automatically earn 1500 points per paid referral made. All money values will be converted into points to use on the Viand site. Shipping is not included when using points.