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The Viand Difference

We don't manufacture pet food in vast processing plants. We take our inspiration from nature. Fresh meats and nourishing vegetables are combined with vitamins and nutrients to ensure your pet has a long and healthy life.

  • Our products are wheat free, gluten free, corn free and hypoallergenic.

  • We test our products rigorously before, twice during and after the production run.

  • Our dog and cat foods exceed safety standards and vitamin, mineral and micronutrient Minimum Daily Requirements.

  • We all really want to thank the folks at Viand for creating such a nutritious, delicious product and for caring so much about the well-being of our favorite furry friends.

    Maura and Nick

  • Hats off to you Viand!! Keep up the great work and thank you for healthy, happy dogs and puppies!!

    Karen S.

  • Just want everyone to know, i have been lucky to find Viand back in 8-18-1995! All of my dogs have had great health and a quality of life that is rare to see. We jog together and live life to the fullest! i have literally saved thousands of dollars by not having any veterinarian bills over the years related to health issues.

    Mark B.

  • I have been a very long time customer to Viand. The food is great the service even better. The staff at Viand has always put me and my dogs first... I will continue to be a customer of Viand as my pets LOVE the food and I LOVE the service and individual care given to every customer.

    John S

  • Gotta love you Scott just like Penny loves the food. It saved her from having surgery.

    Karen S

  • Best Pet Food around… organic, healthy, no preservatives, gives your cat or dog everything they need to maintain a healthy diet, soft coat, and good teeth!

    Jennifer W

  • This is the food I fed my dog, Ringo and have fed Duke and Dakoda. The difference good food makes on their health, both physical and mental, is evident on a daily basis.

    Duke D

  • I have been feeding Viand to my boston terrier, Rufus, for all of his nine years. He has hardly ever had a down day. Thank you, Scott for a great product!

    Frances P.

  • Dear Scott; You and PHD have been in my life (and my animal’s lives) since 1995. My latest rescue (A Boxer) has now become the latest “believer” in PHD. She was a mere 34 lbs. with no muscle mass and had hookworm. With the nutritional guidance and holistic approach to her health care she is now a healthy, solidly built, happy Boxer. Thank you again for ALL you help and support. Sincerely, Cheryl & Kaishi

    Cheryl S.

  • Born and raised on Viand. You've never seen a more vibrant dog. Deerwood Kennels, Keeseville NY

    Tam D.

  • Scott, Thanks...unmatched personal customer service along with the best product ...what a combo Here's a pic of the latest generation of canine Burrell on PHD: Trevor

    Dr. Mark B.

  • Any time a friend or campground customer complains about their dog's skin or fur I recommend Viand. This is the best product to maintain healthy skin and coat. Sincerely, Joanne DonDero


  • My dog Cooper has been eating Viand food for the past year and it has literally changed his life for the better! His allergies were so severe that he would bite off all the fur from his stomach and lick so much that he was covered in sores. Also, because of the constant moisture he had a horrible odor all the time. He also suffered from chronic ear infections which were cured when I switched his diet. We combine the Viand dehydrated chicken mix with raw meat at night and veggies and yogurt in the morning and couldn't be happier with the results! Jen O'

    Jen O'Neil

  • I reccommend this wonderful food to my customers as I am a dog groomer and own my business...I love this company! The owner is fantastic, very helpful and so informative, besides having a great product!! Thank you

    Lori Soleo

  • Thank you so much for helping us. We spent thousands at the vet with no success. She doing so much better now that we contacted you. Thanks

    Paul L.

  • I just wanted to say that my Akita, Kobi, is 10 years old now and I wanted to commend you on whole well this food has worked for her for so many years. She is consistent with going to the bathroom and her skin and coat is amazing. I had so many problems with my other Akita with his food and his skin and coat. I am just so pleased that Kobi's breeder recommended you. This is why I always recommend Viand to my friends with pets. And the orders always come so quick. Thank you and keep up the great work!!

    bonnie g.

  • My dogs love this food! and I get comments about how great they look!

    Melanna W.

  • the best food. my dog still loves it just as much as when she started eating it.

    Ken R. PA.

  • There have been steady health gains since beginning viand pet food. We are glad to not need to use so many additives since they are already included in the cat and dog food. We have one slow improver but she is steadily gaining ground. Seriously, do not change your quality or we would have to change brands. We would be disappointed! Thanks from our family.

    Merry T.

  • I had a Great Dane in the late 90's named Nyla. I had her tested for allergies due to severe skin irritations and she was allergic to almost everything! We had her on desensitizing shots for a while and then a friend told me about this product and at that time it was called PhD. I started feeding it to Nyla and was able to quit the desensitizing shots and also never had another problem with her. She lived a good long life and passed at the age of 10. Viand is a wonderful product and Scott and the rest of the staff is so very helpful. I wish feeding my toddler was this easy! Love you all!

    Kristen R.

  • In 2002 I adopted a dog from a shelter. He'd been there two days and was to be put down as aggressive (supposedly bit boyfriend of previous owner). He was scared, he had runny stools, his coat was greasy and smelly. He ate dirt and feared water. I suspect life at his previous home (tied up outside three years) was not good. Well...I eventually got him onto the PHD diet and what a difference! His coat became so soft and beautiful. The smell disappeared - both from coat and breath. He became a faithful companion for over ten years. I volunteer at an animal shelter now, and every time I come home, I smell like dog - I'd love to get them all on your food! If only I could. Should I ever get another dog, I will be ordering from you again.

    e. Rathbone

  • I was introduced to Viand over 10 years ago at my pet grooming shop!! I had a diabetic Dalmatian who levels never consisitent, chronic allergies and ear infections every two weeks, after being exhausted by the vets and no solutions except medications, I tried the products. My Dalmation had levels ranging between 120&131 which was fantastic,no9 more allergies or ear infections , eyes and hair were much brighter!!! My Dalmatian lived to be 15 years healthy and has passed since my new dog a Cane Corso who I adopted at the age of eight is now 14 years old and only sees the vet for his wellness exams and it is all because of the food from Viand ,,I will never chose any other dog food for my dogs now and in the future

    Cathy M.

  • I just wanted to say thank you as we just celebrated our miniature pinscher's 17th birthday. Rudolph started on the Wendy Volhard ( Now called Aelyon) diet back in 2001 and then I think switched to Viand in 2005. He gets Viand in addition to a raw meatball daily. I don't think he'd still be with us without your high quality kibble. Thank you!!

    Amy T.

  • I am so pleased with Viand. My dog, a rescued chocolate lab, has been with me for 4 months now. She arrived underweight with serious digestive issues and a brittle, thin coat. Even on a prescription diet, she continued to lose weight. It has taken a while to turn things around, but she is thriving on the Viand. She is regaining lost weight and is sleek and healthy. Her coat is gorgeous. She's full of energy, a happy girl and so am I. Thanks!

    J. Smith

  • My breeder said I must feed my puppy your small bite food. 7 years later my very healthy Bichon has never had any skin problems, which tend to be troubling to the breed.THANK YOU VIAND!

    lor at

  • Love your products. Our Tipsy has never looked better! Her coat is beautiful. We feel very safe with your product especially with all the sad news about the "big brands" having issues that might harm our precious pets. Thank you also for your prompt service. All of our orders arrive in a timely manner!

    M.S. in N.J.

  • We have had Great Danes for several years and until a friend put me onto Viand food, their lives were rather short. The two Danes we presently have are far older than any we have had in the past and are both very healthy. Additionally, the customer service provided by Scott and company is exceptional. Sincerely, Mary Kay Albert

    Mary Kay A.

  • Thanks so much! My almost 12 year old Bernese Mountain Dog is doing amazingly well and it's probably in large part to eating good food! Shannon


  • Just want you to know that my beloved dogs seem to be flourishing with the new food. Sweeter breath, better teeth! Bravo!


  • Happy Thanksgiving! My dog was 3 years old & suddenly got deathly ill allegedly from a commercial pet food both sold at & recommended by his veterinarian at the time. Once I got him off that food & started on viand, he was better within three days. That was 9 years ago, he's 12 now. The customer service is very responsive & helpful & I'm usually surprised at how fast my package arrives. This food saved my dog's life & I'm forever grateful. Nicole A. Maggio Knable

    N. K.

All of us love our pets and are concerned about their health. After all, they can’t take care of themselves, so this task falls on the shoulders of their affectionate owners. Viand understands that wholesome food is very important to keep pets healthy. That is why we produce premium pet products for the balanced menu. Since 1995, ViandPet, a premium pet food company, have conducted much research in cat and dog food products. Over all these years, we arrived at the conclusion: a pet needs vitamins, minerals and nutrients to feel healthy and full of energy, but they were not found in most popular food products. Unfortunately, many companies prefer a bright design to the product quality. We love animals, just as you do, so we offer products made from purely natural ingredients. A healthy food can change the life quality of your pet and make it more energetic and vivacious.

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