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Energy Scanning: Using Body Dowsing for Self-Testing Remedies

Posted by Scott Pollak on

© copyright Hart Brent
reprinted with permission

You can directly ask your body what remedies you need by whole-body dowsing. You pass the bottle 3 to 5 inches in front of you scanning—from above your head to below the navel. In a positive response, you will draw forward, a negative response is a push backwards, and neutral—no movement.

When you pass the remedy in front of your:

you are reading your response to it for your:


nervous system

Thymus (upper chest)

immune system



1" below navel

endocrine system

I do not recommend taking any remedy unless it tests positive (forward) at all four points. Any wavering is an equivocal response from your body. If you are mentally or emotionally not ready to receive the healing energy of the remedy, you go backwards. Or, if you are incompatible with its ingredients, your body rejects the healing energy and withdraws from it and you are pushed backwards.

If on the other hand, your body in its own wisdom knows what it needs and wants to heal—then you will be (inexplicably) drawn toward and into the remedy, feeling as though you are involuntarily magnetized toward it.

You can also test dosages with this technique. Hold the remedy in front of your forehead/third eye and say "I should take 1 now?" and see if you go forward or back. If the response is forward/yes—then ask "2?", "3?", etc. until you get a push backwards—that dose is too high. Take the dose with the strongest pull forward.

You also can use body dowsing to select the healthiest food choices for yourself.

To surrogate test for young children, hold the child in front of you when you are scanning. Pregnant women need to listen to a 5th testing point—in front of the uterus—to read the baby's response. For animals you can simply lay one hand on your pet and scan with the remedy in the opposite hand with the intent that you are testing for the "other".

It is important to be in a relaxed stance with the knees slightly bent/not locked or you won't feel the movement. If your response seems unclear, visualize a cobalt blue flame above your head to initiate your connection with your higher self-knowing. This dowsing technique is analytical but not in a left brain, logic-based way. An empty mind will help. Imagine clouds or ocean in your brain to prevent over-thinking this process, I do recommend that you be aware of what you're testing so that all levels of your knowing participate in the testing. Also be clear of your intent, asking "Is this good for me at this time?" or "Is this remedy important for my healing at this time?" The dowsing response will answer the question you are holding in your intent.

You are now empowered with a tool to select foods and medicines that heal not hurt your body. You become your own healer by accepting and using your own inherent knowing—instead of giving that power away.

For more information on self-testing, including shared experiences and photos demonstrating the technique, see Lady Barbara's Garden.

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