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About Us

Viand Pet is a company dedicated to raising the level of health of our companion animals through the education of basic holistic principles to their caregivers. Since 1996, Viand Pet has directly offered the highest possible grade healthy food for dogs and cats, along with specific herbal products, whereby these goals have been, and continue to, be achieved.

Viand’s promotion of their products has been through the dissemination of the above information through many channels. To mention a few, the professional holistic veterinarian community, choice breeders, animal nutritionists, and many practitioners in alternative modalities. After these professionals join with consumers and enact Viand’s protocol for cleansing and supporting animals, the animals’ many biological systems are rejuvenated and elevated health levels are obtained. Viand’s main means of growth to date has been because of this word-of-mouth promotion. The thousands of Viand Pet clientele are seekers of natural care for their pets, either due to dissatisfaction with the animal health care professionals or those interested in providing maximum opportunity for their pet’s wellness.

The company is continually engaged in designing and implementing a product line that will introduce the average (mass) consumer to Viand’s diets and supplements, and offers a line of exclusive and carefully resourced complementary treats. These products will introduce the Viand brand to an already focused group of the public concerned with health issues of the day. These products have enhanced the animals’ state of health and the providers will be able to witness these improvements. Each product, along with the information easily accessible at www.Viandpet.com, will assist the new Viand customer with more detailed information concerning general pet health and other current issues.

So, don’t be fooled—Viand is the only dry food left in the industry with the first two ingredients that come from a blood and muscle meat source in a dry meal form, in a four main ingredient diet. This is a proven formula that was common of a few ultra-premium brands some decades ago, all of which have ceased to exist. As people seek out healthy food for dogs and cats that’s grain-free, natural, and with improved formulas, other pet food companies are failing to see the big picture. They’re responding with bigger advertising campaigns that tout healthier foods, but are missing the mark (as evidenced with commonplace pet food recalls and lower levels of health for our pets).

When you want the best for your pet, the best place to go for healthy food for dogs and cats is Viand Pet. Shop online with us today.