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- We are proud to have years of happy customers and healthy pets! Read the testimonials and reviews for Viand Pet to see for yourself how pleased they are with our natural pet food, supplements, and other products. Shop online for the best holistic pet products at Viand Pet today! Katie Ethridge,WV I wanted to write a testimonial on your products. We have used Viand Growth and Maintenance exclusively for our lab who recently turned 11. She loves the food as much today as she did when she was a puppy. We consider her to be part of our family and looked long and hard at dog food companies when she came to live with us 11+ years ago. I always feel confident buying your products that the ingredients are healthy and that you truly care about the wellness of animals. Thank you for making great products. We also appreciate the loyalty program as we all love to save some money! Many Thanks, Katie Ethridge   Elaine Oates, KY Scott, I have saved money on vet visits. I have 5 dogs. It seemed like was at the vet with SOMEONE every other week. I did my vets wife's manicures and she said he wanted to know if all my dogs died or ran away, as I had not seen him in so long!! Haha! ( ironically, he IS the one who turned me on to Viand). And he told me, whatever your doing, keep doing it!!! Dogs look great! ( I do supplement Viand with raw diet) Vets, you still have job security, dog still ripped off a dew claw & got something in their eye. But what I have saved most Scott.. is TIME!!! My time, going to the vet, doctoring hot spots applying medicine, and the biggest payoff, beautiful healthy pets!! And THANK YOU for the new Auto Ship option. Now it just comes, once a month. No trip to the store, no remembering to order. Viand has changed my life!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!! Caroline Cunningham Leesville, SC When Sunny was a six-month pup, he got a serious hot spot and it was not even summer yet. It had to be treated with shots and topical medicine. The vet mentioned that this (in so young a dog) might necessitate putting him on steroids for the rest of his life. I could not bear the thought and talked to my trainer, CJ Landry of Lexington, SC . CJ suggested a modified ""natural""diet to include fresh food, Viand supplements and Viand dry food. Sunny is now two-plus years old and has never had another skin problem. His coat is much more beautiful than it even showed any promise of being. I attribute this completely to his diet. I have put my new Golden, a rescue, on the same diet and her skin and coat have improved considerably. I can’t thank you (and CJ) enough. My husband and I are both teachers and don’t have money to burn but I consider your products well worth the cost and time to takes to order and assemble their daily food. Sincerely,Frank J. & Linda J. Ingemi Excel Shu-Ku Akitas o Hammonton, NJ We thought you might enjoy seeing the results of using Viand. This is a photo of two of our young Akitas. They are very near to their championships, and both have been on Viand since conception. The Best of Breed winner is 10-month-old Excel Shu-Ku In The HotSpot (better known as "Gem") and the Best of Opposite winner is 15-month-old Excel Shu-Ku’s Mr. Big Stuff (AKA "Boss"). They are typical examples of what the combination of good breeding and Viand produces. Gem is our fourth generation born, bred and raised on Viand. Boss is third generation of the same. All our dogs from puppies to oldies excel in condition, their coat quality and density is superb, and their overall general health is exceptional. All these factors give us the winning edge that we need in the ring. We believe Viand is a key factor in our success in the show ring as well as in the whelping box. We raise our dogs in a natural way, including raw diet with their Viand. This method had given us beautiful, consistent results with happy healthy litters and less stress while the youngsters grow. We feel that diet is the building block of life, therefore we feel so strong about Viand. We require it be fed to all of the puppies we place outside our home, so I know that my puppies will get the best possible nutrition to reach their genetic potential. We’d also like to tell you how much we appreciate your knowledgeable staff, ever ready to answer any and all questions without delay and with genuine concern. Nowhere else can we find a company so into the well-being of our dogs. It’s almost like you are their owners, too. We absolutely love the automated call-in ordering. We usually call in one day and our order is here the next day or day after. With quite a few dogs and a large breed at that, we have pretty large orders. Our food always arrives fresh and fast. It is so convenient for us to get our food so quickly and to have it delivered to our door, and we could not ask for much more. Thank you again for such a wonderful food, we look forward to many generations of Excel Shu-Ku Akita Champions and many long years of happiness with our dogs. Mark Selenkow Gloucester, MA Dog’s name is Jake, a 4-year old male Doberman from Gloucester, MA. Jake has been thriving on his diet of Viand since he was a puppy. He has a shiny coat and has never been sick. I get asked constantly what I feed him. The vet says whatever it is I should continue! Nancy Braun DiStefano Von Braun’s Rottweilers Wilmington, DE I wanted to take a few seconds to let you know that I am still thrilled with Viand after using it for years. (I also used your vitamin C.) I have had Rottweilers for the last 12 years and I am always very saddened when I hear of the deaths of young rotties (as early as 18 months). I believe that these premature deaths are caused by many factors—one of them being poor nutrition. With your help and by feeding a raw/natural diet all are well. This is a picture of Bubba Doo. He was first in the Rottweiler’s Veterans Class and received a Group 2 in the working group. He’s getting older and he’s getting better with the help of Viand. Most Sincerely, Alison Ader, ND Roswell, GA  Two years ago I purchased Alf, a show quality Devon Rex kitten from a reputable breeder. Upon arriving, he appeared fine; but within 48 hours, he began to develop symptoms of an upper respiratory infection. Alf began a downward spiral of deteriorating health until he was near death. As a Naturopath, I initiated many different remedies; nevertheless, his condition continued to deteriorate and by the seventh day, I yielded to using antibiotics. Though his condition did improve, the sneezing remained, which indicated to me that the infection was still present and his immune system had most likely been impaired from the vaccines he had received.My beautiful kitten was dying, and I was at a complete loss as to what to do. I telephoned Bonnie, who I had come to respect, who in turn recommended that I speak with holistic veterinarian, Dr. Bill Pollak. I’m so thankful I did. In his opinion what Alf needed was a raw meat diet supplemented with fresh vegetables. Alf slowly began to recover and started eating (more appropriately, inhaling) huge portions of raw ground turkey, chicken and alfalfa sprouts. Well, 2 healing episodes and 7 months later Alf made a complete recovery to vibrant health.A raw foods diet was the perfect solution; however, I now shared my home with a very energetic, healthy, loving cat whose breath could bring a moose to its knees. Last year I added Mukisa, also a highly bred, pedigreed Cornish Rex, to our family. Musika came to us with pure health and very tolerable “kitty breath”. From day one with us Musika ate a raw food diet with Alf. Now I had two cats with awful breath.Something was missing and this was definitely not a healing episode. I started them back on Viand kibble and within 48 hours their breath improved and continued to improve. What do I make of this? My theory: Just as one eating program doesn’t work for everybody, even hardcore protocols have to be tweaked to serve each individual’s specific needs. Perhaps my two highly bred, pedigreed cats, whose instinct to hunt and kill has been replaced by chasing wind-up toys could no longer process a totally raw foods diet. Perhaps it takes many generations to breed it back into the gene pool?I continue feeding my kittens a half-cup of the Viand kibble and once in a while they get some raw chicken as a treat. Their health is impressive. Their breath is socially acceptable. I have the most vibrant, healthy, pink-gummed, white toothed, beautiful coated Devon Rexs anyone has ever seen. I want to personally thank Dr. Pollak, Bonnie and the entire Viand family for guiding my kittens to true health and longevity. I now encourage all my clientele to follow your guidelines. Steven & Donna Warriner Egg Harbor Township, NJ Thanks to Viand for keeping Princess’ beautiful coat shiny and our Princess healthy. Sally & Andy Herman Eastpointe, MI Our two Golden Retrievers LOVE Viand. Mollie (3 years old, lighter color) and Katie (6 years old, darker color) get so excited at feeding time when they see the Viand going into their bowls. They have been on Viand for several years at the suggestion of our Holistic veterinarian, Dr. John Simon of the Woodside Animal Clinic, Royal Oak, MI. Before being exclusively on Viand, Katie would turn up her nose and walk away from other well-known dog foods. Now when they hear the sound of the Viand hitting their bowls, they fly like “Rocket Retrievers” to eat. We also use the Viand nuggets as treats and rewards. It works wonders. You’d have to see their smiles, and how animated they get. Maria Wright Dornbusch Bernese Mountain Dogs Painesville, Ohio 440-357-6461 My dogs are doing absolutely wonderfully. I use the Viand food as a base to add all types of raw foods to. I use many of your supplements to balance the mostly raw diet that I feed and have gotten terrific results. We use the Unleash enzymes to guarantee that my dogs are digesting the nutrients I’m giving them. I can see a total difference in the size of the stools and they eat less food because they are assimilating what they are being given. I recommend Unleash to every one of my clients. I find ReCover is great for my puppies, especially when they are teething. They seem less stressed when they are on it. I’ve used Radiance when I need to get a coat back real quick for the show ring and also as a liver cleanse. If I have a dog that has blown their coat, Radiance helps bring it back quickly. I use the “C” because I feel that it is totally essential for growing animals; for structure, to prevent elbow and hip dysplasia to help their immune system. In addition to all the others, I use the B-complex to eliminate stress. Thank you for a line of supplements that I feel confident in using on my own animals and recommending to my clients. Stephanie Colony and Rainie Seattle, WA I own a Doberman that I found through purebred dog rescue. When I got her at 1-1/2 years old she seemed healthy but subsequently began to lose hair on her flanks. The vet told me it was a genetic disorder, that she would gradually lose all her hair and that there was no treatment. I called the Viand Healthline, got her started on Unleash, Para Yeast Control and Radiance and within two months she had a glossy, full coat. I think your products and your advice are a very valuable resource for those of us with animal companions. Betsey Clay Chicago IL This smiling, handsome little guy is Cooper. He was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan and has lived in New York City. Currently he resides in Chicago. April Gray April Valley Bichons 345 Smyth Road, Manchester, NH 03104 (603) 627-7719 April Valley Bichons proudly presents Champion April Valley Lord Klondyke, a glowing example of what Viand produces. Pepi is pictured receiving his first points with his breeder/groomer and co-owner April Gray. Pepi has also won, with professional handler Kathy Kirk, in just five weekends three Best of Breeds, a Group 2, a Group 4, five Best of Winners, and finished his Championship with a 5 Point Major. Pepi was born and raised exclusively on Viand with meat and vegetables. He has a profuse coat, well-defined muscles and sound structure. He is a very happy, healthy Viand “kid” and a delight to his owners Charlotte E. Ludington and April Gray. I have been searching for a good, healthy, reliable dog food for my dogs, one that I could recommend to my puppy customers that was free of soy, chemicals, preservatives, by-products, and one easily purchased. I found it in Viand, which was even better than what I had hoped. When I switched to Viand, almost two years ago, my dogs, especially my older ones, became more energetic and puppy-like, truly happy and bouncy, but not hyper. Their coats came in thicker, which is a show breeder’s delight. All my puppies are born and raised on Viand. They are stronger, more robust, energetic, and healthy, with excellent bone structure and thick hair. My vet says, “Oh, April, your puppies are always healthy.” All the puppies that leave my house leave with a bag of Viand. I have finally found a food for my dogs and one that I can truly recommend to my customers. Thank you Viand. Brea Hudsky Austin, TX After having problems with quality in so-called “premium” dog food I found information about Viand on the Internet. I decided to give it a try because my dogs were rejecting their old dog food and were not maintaining the weight they needed. The dogs, and also one cat, love the Viand food and we have never had a problem with quality. I am quite satisfied and so are my pets. Paul Pisani Nesconset, Long Island I’m grateful that I’ve chosen Viand products for my canine’s proper nutrition, along with providing him with a mix of raw meat, fruits and vegetables. I learned from your articles and testimonials that explained this alternative principle. My 8-month old Rottweiler, Rocco, is in peak health thanks to your product. You wouldn’t believe the comments I’ve received on his health and beauty. The picture shows it all—his clear eyes, shiny coat and excellent strength and bone structure are all proof positive that his nutritional needs are being met! While Rocco is the picture of health now, at three months of age he was sluggish and showed signs of stiffness that caused him to limp. I wasn’t sure if this was characteristic of the breed itself, or because of something lacking in his diet. After searching on the Internet and finding out about your complete holistic diet solution, I selected Viand products for my puppy over hundreds of other brands. In a matter of months, his energy level increased and he stopped limping. The most memorable experience was witnessing him running along the beach and keeping up with me during our daily walk. I’m still providing him a complete, balanced diet each morning that is rich in animal protein. Sometimes we forget that our dogs are carnivores, prefer a food high in animal protein, and have a different digestive tract than humans. People who know me think that I go to extremes for my dog, but I just have different priorities—he is more than a pet, he is a companion, and I want only the best for him. Your staff was a great assistance to me; they had answers to my questions and concerns, and showed their professionalism by returning my calls. I am so glad that the folks at Viand have the same goals, philosophies, and purpose in providing a higher quality of life for our pets. Fran Hills Cornish, NH Enclosed is a photograph of my dog Corbin. As you can see, she is a beautiful Black Lab. She is 5-1/2 years old and has been eating Viand for most of her life. Corbin is a country dog. She loves to go for walks in the woods and run through the trees chasing smells that lead to nowhere. Viand keeps her healthy and happy. I started using Viand because Corbin’s obedience trainer, April Frost, said that it was the best food available. Corbin loves it, although she will eat almost anything. I like it because the UPS delivery person leaves a box of food by my door when I am about to run out—no lugging heavy bags from the car. Another plus for Viand is that you have friendly knowledgeable people readily available on the telephone. Once when I called to adjust my order I learned that I was over feeding Corbin and that I needed to order less food. I am a very satisfied Viand customer. Corbin would be honored if you used her photo in your literature. Patty & Terry Golebiewski Mackie G. Chung (“Mackie”) is a 7-year old Shar-Pei and lives in Pleasantville, NJ/Philadelphia, PA. She has been eating Viand dog food for about three years and since then has managed to eliminate a variety of breed-related illness from her body. She is very spunky and lively, and also a ham as you can see in her picture. She is loved very much by her persons. Elena Genel and Family Natick, MA Darbi has been on Viand and raw diet for two years. Before that, he had his stomach upset, including a blood vomiting at least twice a month. We were told that a poodle can have a sensitive digestive system. Now he is three years old, but still plays like a puppy. There are no problems with his stomach at all. Thanks to Viand! Truman has been eating Viand since he joined our family 4-1/2 years ago in Harrisburg, PA. We’ve since moved to California, but Truman has received compliments from coast to coast about the beauty of his disposition, coat and skin. He’s a healthy, happy boy and I attribute part of that to the nutrition he receives from his Viand diet. Chuck Rigsby Morgan Hill, CA Danielle Last New Rochelle, NY This is Lyle. He is 5 1/2 years old and been a Viand dog since he was 7 weeks old. We've initiated the Viand philosophy from day one and never looked back. Having a healthy, vibrant and happy Golden is a blessing! Isn’t he the cutest? Ray Carlisle Cara Dobermans 114 Warwick Tpke. Warwick, NY 10990 (845) 352-6300 (845) 987-2357 (eve) I started feeding Viand to my Schutzhund III male Doberman, “Clemens,” as a test. I had been working him very hard and was not happy with how he looked on the food I was feeding at the time. After seeing how great he looked and acted with energy to spare, I switched all my dogs to Viand. I have been feeding Viand for about three years now, and I am very happy with my dogs’ health, both mentally and physically. I can really tell the difference with my dogs! Since I started using Viand, my dogs maintain good weight while eating less food than other foods. I can tell the dogs are healthy and happy and have much more energy with that sparkle that says “I feel good!” They seem to digest it well and really like the food. My puppies, adults and seniors all look, feel and act really good on Viand. As a breeder I want to be sure that my dogs get a balanced, healthy, digestible diet. I was amazed that my stud dogs, brood bitches, and puppies all eat the same food, and all are very healthy. One food for all ages. I like that! I also appreciate a manufacturer who recommends feeding raw meat. I do add raw meat to Viand 4 to 5 times per week and my dogs look terrific; good muscle, good coat and good attitude. I can honestly say I am very pleased with the way my dogs have developed while using Viand. I now recommend Viand to anyone wishing to feed the ultimate, healthy dog food. Salvatore & Jennifer Ceraldi White Plains, NY This is a picture of Cara’s Blazer. He is 2 years old and has been fed Viand all of his life. Blazer has never had any health problems. As you can see from his healthy coat Viand is a wonderful food. Viand has a great service of delivering food to your house. When we call to order, it’s here the next day and Blazer just can’t get enough.   Mike Willis Kansas City, MO Dragon’s been on Viand for many years. He’ll be 9 in June. He’s the first dog to receive the MACH (Master Agility Champion) title in Missouri! He has 32 titles to his name and is in excellent health. When he doesn’t get Viand he receives a raw food diet and goes to a chiropractor frequently. Colleen O’Brien Needham, MA Tosca came to us from a German Shepherd breeder in Michigan and we adopted Owen after he was found stranded under a bridge in North Carolina with seven other two-month-old puppies during Hurricane Floyd. They’ve both been eating Viand dog food from the first day they arrived home. Jeremy Turner Sunapee, NH As a water dog working breed, these dogs (Labradors) are inherently committed to perform with deep interest and demand a sharp mind, sustaining stamina and physical strength. Both the dog and its qualitative conditions are reliant on a non-compromising diet. Viand provides this high-level requirement. The Oppenheimers Approximately one year ago we adopted a puppy from a local pet rescue organization. We were well aware that many health issues are common when adopting a rescue. We had heard about Viand from friends who’d been using the product successfully for several years. We began using Viand immediately and followed the advised feeding plan. We’ve never looked back. Coco is a beautiful healthy dog. We get stopped on the street constantly by people admiring her rich silky coat. Her teeth and eyes are clean and bright. The most remarkable aspect of our experience is that Coco hasn’t had to visit the veterinarian for any heath-related visits. Thank you for allowing us to provide our dog with a perfect health diet. Gratefully Yours, Linda Fairchild Closeburn Cavaliers 204 Springwell Lane, Paducah, KY 42001 (270) 534-4143 As I feed my Cavaliers every day I am reminded that there isn’t anything you do for your dog on a daily or twice-daily basis (except for hugs and kisses) that is as IMPORTANT as what you put in their food bowl!! Puppy or dog, kitten or cat, they are totally reliant on us their “masters” to provide the BEST for mind, body and spirit. Webster defines “master” as: “one with control over the action of another or others.” Living up to that definition is made quite simple with Viand—Perfect Health Diet—an awesome complete and balanced food. I could go on and on about their outward appearance: coat, teeth, eyes, skin etc., those are a given. It seems to me that intangibles are most important, how they feel and think and enjoy life, their healthy disposition if you will. Healthy dispositions come from within and that is a direct result of positive nourishment —and that spells—Viand. I wish to thank Scott, Adrienne and Dr. DeBaun for their continued commitment to this fine food. Most sincerely yours, Linda Fairchild Closeburn Cavaliers 204 Springwell Lane, Paducah, KY 42001 (270) 534-4143 As I feed my Cavaliers every day I am reminded that there isn’t anything you do for your dog on a daily or twice-daily basis (except for hugs and kisses) that is as IMPORTANT as what you put in their food bowl!! Puppy or dog, kitten or cat, they are totally reliant on us their “masters” to provide the BEST for mind, body and spirit. Webster defines “master” as: “one with control over the action of another or others.” Living up to that definition is made quite simple with Viand—Perfect Health Diet—an awesome complete and balanced food. I could go on and on about their outward appearance: coat, teeth, eyes, skin etc., those are a given. It seems to me that intangibles are most important, how they feel and think and enjoy life, their healthy disposition if you will. Healthy dispositions come from within and that is a direct result of positive nourishment —and that spells—Viand. I wish to thank Scott, Adrienne and Dr. DeBaun for their continued commitment to this fine food. Most sincerely yours, Maura & Nick Niles Atlanta, GA Meet our Viand dogs, Maggie and Samantha. They are female yellow labs who absolutely love your food. We were first introduced to your product last year by our dog trainer and behaviorist (Chris Redenbach). She recommended changing Samantha’s diet to help improve her aggressive tendencies. Well, we got more benefits than we ever imagined. Both Maggie and Samantha can’t wait to eat at each feeding, and they are happier, more confident dogs. Their coats are beautiful and with the help of daily three-mile walks/runs, they are in excellent physical shape. We all really want to thank the folks at Viand for creating such a nutritious, delicious product and for caring so much for the well-being of our favorite furry friends. Please keep up the good work! Stephanie Staszak South Orange, NJ My Portuguese Water Dog, Virgil, has only eaten Viand Canine Growth and Maintenance since shortly after I took him home. At first, I kept him on the food the breeder had sent him home with. I might have continued with that food had he not suffered from horrible carsickness. I was traveling almost every weekend with him and my two other dogs, so I did not want a puppy that got sick every time he got into the car. Therefore, once I ran out of the food he came home with, I started to search for a food that would stay in a growing puppy’s stomach. I tried Iams and Nutro. I also tried other remedies like feeding him raw ginger, ginger snaps and ginger ale but nothing worked. Finally my friend and vet/chiropractor Sue Ann Lesser, DVM, told me about Viand. I tried it. He loved it and best of all he stopped throwing up in the car. Now the skeptical reader may say that he had just grown out of carsickness, but this was not the case. Four months later I had run low on food so I supplemented it with some samples that I had received. Two days later we were on the road again and once again he threw up, right in the driver’s seat. I could clearly see that the new food I had given him had not been digested, but the Viand had been. Virgil has since grown into a very healthy 2-year-old who is about to embark on his agility and breed career. I have also started to feed Viand to my other Portuguese Water Dogs. It was only natural since they kept trying to eat his. Carl Shechtman Bermuda We vacationed in Nova Scotia for two weeks in August, rented a motor home and had a ball! We took Wynton with us and I showed in 4 obedience trials in St. John, New Brunswick. He worked really well in unfamiliar surroundings (a hockey rink!) and we came home with his Canadian CD (that makes 3 countries, also in Bermuda where he is the top competitive obedience dog and the U.S.) and TWO High in Trials! Wynton just turned SEVEN in September and looks just great. Enclosed is our 3rd place in West Springfield, Mass. Over Thanksgiving weekend with a score of 196 in a class of over 30 dogs! We also are going to compete in the All Star Obedience and Agility Championships in Lebanon, PA, which will be a great experience for the both of us as new to the sport. I'm hooked, as if you couldn't tell! Thanks and best regards, Cheryl McMurray, Slippery Rock, PA I am very impressed with Viand dog food. We have three dogs who are doing great with Viand: an English mastiff, age 21 months; a lab mix, age 10; and a Bichon Frise, age 5. I highly recommend this dog food. Our lab (Bear) was very thin and I tried several brands of food hoping he would look and feel better. Viand made him into a new dog. His weight picked up and his eyes brightened. He looks and feels so much better. Conan, our English mastiff, grew so fast. I wanted to be sure he had the proper food to build his bones and muscles. Viand worked. He has three Best of Breeds so far. Muffin, our Bichon Frise, eats Viand kibble out of the mastiff's bowl. We have never had vet bills for any illnesses. It is great to have access to a nutritionist through Viand. I was also impressed when the owner of Viand contacted me by phone to answer my questions when I first started using Viand. Viand employees love dogs and care about everyone's dogs. Thank you so much for giving me happy, healthy dogs!   Karen Saunders, Ontario, Canada I just wanted to thank you for all your help in acquiring what I have found to be the best dog food. I have had Great Danes for 26 years now and fed just about everything and have never been quite satisfied. That was until I found the Viand diet and supplements!! My dogs have never been better. A most convincing sight was my black Dane, Kiss, carrying and whelping 14 beautiful puppies with ease. She has raised them by herself without me supplementing, something that I thought would be impossible. They all look great and Kiss. . . well she has never looked better! Nutrition is a key consideration with Great Danes as they are prone to so many growth disorders as well as bloat. I feed raw meat and veggies and always have, and it is great to have a product that is manufactured and backed by a company that recommends raw feeding in conjunction with their food!! Hats off to you Viand!! Keep up the great work and thank you for healthy, happy dogs and puppies!! Health & Temperament #1 Naturally!! Robin Knepp, Trainer All About Dogs My lab had chronic allergies as a puppy (runny eyes, dirty ears, etc) which I was treating with medicine each month. After switching him to Viand his allergies went away, his eyes cleared up and his ears turned pink and healthy. The food was well worth the money I saved on medicine and visits to the vets. As a trainer, I see new groups of dogs each month. Those who are being fed poor quality diets are usually the dogs that have dry skin, red eyes and ear infections. Often they are constantly biting their fur or licking their feet. Many of these dogs are excessively hyper or aggressive. Time and time again, I have seen a drastic improvement in the appearance and attitude of these animals once they have switched to Viand. Lakeridge, VA April Frost I have tested many dogs of various breeds and at different life stages on Viand. I cannot compare it to any other commercial food on the market. The meat and nutrients awaken and invigorate these animals giving them a new zest for life as well as a substantial improvement in overall health and well being. In addition, with this better diet, I generally see improved dispositions, less aggressive behaviors and animals that respond far better to training. April Frost I have tested many dogs of various breeds and at different life stages on Viand. I cannot compare it to any other commercial food on the market. The meat and nutrients awaken and invigorate these animals giving them a new zest for life as well as a substantial improvement in overall health and well being. In addition, with this better diet, I generally see improved dispositions, less aggressive behaviors and animals that respond far better to training. Gene & Ute Wullkotte Blankenburg Kennel A big "Thank You" from everyone, most of all the dogs, at Blankenburg Kennel, for making a quality dog food. We have 10 dogs, 8 are working German Shorthaired Pointers. In the past, we often had problems keeping their weight on; and due to an often hectic schedule, we have difficulties keeping up with the fresh meats and veggies and supplements. Since we switched to Viand all of them are doing fantastically with and without extras. They look great and have plenty of energy. The pups basically grew up on Viand, and it truly shows! Thanks again, especially from our "Viand Babies!" PS: I have a "brag" to share. We have been entering some Field Trials, and have been bringing ribbons home! Arley, the pup in the picture above, won two first placements in Derby, his brother Axel took a 4th and his sister a 3rd place. Their mom, Missy, took a 2nd place in Amateur Gun Dog and a 1st in Open Gun Dog (this is a professional stake) the following weekend; this brings her about halfway to her FC title, we totally did not expect to do this well, but are thrilled. Must be all that good Viand food. Well better go before I brag too much. Kurt L. Glaub Cedarwick Retrievers Cedarwicks Shadow is a 2 1/2 year old Male. Shadow has been fed Viand for almost 2 years and does very well. Originally, I switched to Viand because of all foods available, Viand was closest to meeting the needs of my dogs. Currently, I am feeding five labs Viand. All of them are doing well with good energy level, good skin and coat. Probably the best testimonial I can give however is my last litter. The mother was 7 years old and up until week 6 of gestation was eating 6 ounces of food daily with proper supplementation. Week 6 on, supplementation (meat, eggs, and cottage cheese) was increased and dry food was available at all times. When the puppies (11) were born, they weighed between 15 1/2 and 16 1/2 ounces. These puppies were born in just under five hours. The dam fed the puppies for almost 6 weeks and was fed Viand plus supplements as needed. Her weight was 68 pounds the day she was bred, and at weaning (6 weeks after birth of puppies) was 67 pounds. The puppies began eating moistened Viand at 3 weeks and at 7 weeks were 18-20 pounds. The growth and overall condition of the puppies was excellent. Being around dogs almost daily, I am asked many questions about skin, coat, energy and overall fitness of dogs. (I teach obedience, conformation and agility classes). Unfortunately, I cannot answer these questions because I have never had to deal with the problems. Is this diet related? I think so and feeding Viand has made my job as a breeder, handler, and trainer much easier. Is Viand the answer? I do not know. However, I do not intend to change to something else to try and find out. Kathleen Kross I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how well things have worked out using your product. I no longer feed my German Shepherd breakfast and I have increased her kibble to 2 cups at night. Along with the kibble, she gets different combinations of meat and vegetables and sometimes I also add broth to the mix. For the first time since Lexy was a pup, she is eating everything she is fed on a regular basis and she's loving it. She may still pick out the goodies early in the evening and leave some of the kibble behind, but I've come to find that she does this on purpose. She seems to enjoy a midnight snack, even if it's just plain kibble, and by morning when I wake up her dish is licked clean. I have never found a dry food product that she would eat more than for a day or two before turning her nose up at it, until I found your product. This is a dog with a past history of hiding under the table in the dining room at dinner time, and when called to the kitchen for dinner would use her nose to push the kibble out of her dish and onto the floor and then walk away. Days would go by before hunger forced her to eat the kibble. Now Lexy lays at the kitchen doorway watching me prepare her food and she's on her feet and at her bowl before it even hits the ground. I have never had this kind of success with Lexy with any other brand of dog food (and I only bought premium quality food not supermarket food) on a consistent basis. My picky eater has finally found food she enjoys!! I switched to your brand of dry dog food after Lexy had an epileptic seizure on May 25, 2000. What I was looking for was the most healthy and nutritious dry dog food available on the market. They say that nutrition can play a role in seizures, and since Lexy has been eating your product, she has passed the critical 30 day waiting period seizure free. I'm extremely pleased with your food and have recommended it all my friends. Noel G. Goodrich You're looking at my dog Otto, a 3-year-old male Neopolitan Mastiff, who was rapidly deteriorating when I took him to see Dr. Sherilyn Allen. He was only 124 lbs., very lethargic, and his skin was covered with pustules. We were unable to find any medical condition for his continued degeneration. Dr. Allen suggested that we put him on the natural diet, which, of course, includes the Viand Heath Diet. I followed the diet to the letter for 3 to 4 months, and Otto's condition improved dramatically. Within these few months, he put on the much needed weight and was up to 145 lbs. After 4 months, I eased off of the supplements because his skin was greatly improved; and he was back to being his lively self again. The one component that I maintained was Viand. Within several months of introducing Otto to the natural diet and Viand, he took Winner's Dog and Best of Show at the Stars and Stripes Weekend in Cherry Lane, New Jersey, February 20, 1998.I appreciate what you are doing for all our animals. Sylvia Hammarstrom Skansen Kennels Sebastopol, CA I have been feeding a natural raw meat diet here at Skansen kennels to all of my dogs including champions and brood bitches since 1981. Since we have fed this diet protocol, we have raised more Giant Schnauzer champions than anyone in the world. I am convinced that genetics and diet are the key factors to our success. Since we have followed this diet, our pups and adult dogs have never had any health problems including hip dysplasia, skin rashes, allergies and the likes. Our 13 and 14 year olds act and look as healthy as the 2-year-olds. We now supplement all our dogs' diets with a portion of Viand, believing it to be the most complete commercial food on the market. Lisa Hi, I have a 10 month old South African Boerboel. He is 158 pounds (on vet scale). I have been feeding him Viand since a puppy and he loves it and doing great. His size is larger than most of his breed at his age and I am concerned he may be getting too big too quickly. Someone suggested a food lower in protein. What do you think?? Thank you. Please read the answer to this in our article The Protein Controversy by Dr. Bruce DeBaun. Dawn Loberg I have been using Viand for six years now. My Standard Poodle had been on it since I acquired her, and now her pups. I was amazed to see the results of a holistic diet when I first used the food on my poodle mix. She had developed an allergic reaction to her food, and seeing this condition in my grooming profession, thought anything was hopeless. After Bonnie Rogers called me and introduced me to the food, and told me how to feed the Cleansing Diet for ten days, I was skeptical, but willing to try anything. I could not believe how her raw, bald skin turned baby soft and began to grow hair again, all in under a month. That did it. Viand is all I ever want to feed my dogs again. Now that Star, my Standard Poodle, has had her second litter, Minuet, her daughter, has had nothing else. I started her on the supplements to enhance her coat for showing. Not only have my dogs' coats and skin been in excellent condition, but Star with both her litter deliveries had no problems and all pups delivered within an hour. Working at an animal hospital I see many dog owners coming in or calling with how their pets were having trouble with deliveries, late deliveries, or needing Cesareans. I hold the thought of her being on Viand as part of or full contributor to this. Will send you a picture of Minuet when she takes her first ribbon!!! Thanks for getting me addicted Bonnie... and Star, Vladamir, Minuet, Kitana, Traffic, Muffin, and Tracer thank you too. Jo-Yen Tsang New York, NY Here's a picture of Haley, a "Viand kid" since she was 9 weeks old. Her shiny soft coat, bright eyes and happy bounce spark compliments everywhere we go. Thanks for a great product. Karen Poplowski Everything came & looked wonderful in the shipment. . . my little red dog Cheyenne thought so, she opened one of my Viand bags herself. . . guess she really likes the product! I'm sending some photo attachments of my gang. Jessica Kamens Mark Chetnik & Timber You have changed our lives forever. . . Our precious 13-month-old puppy, Timber, was sick for four and a half months with chronic diarrhea. His vets were baffled. They tested him for everything, placed him on heavy prescription drugs and tried several different dietary foods and eating habit adjustments. Because Timber was on a bland diet and not getting the nutrients he needed as a growing puppy, he was losing weight, muscle mass, energy and "spunk." No one was able to figure out what was happening and we had just received a referral to see a specialist for invasive and dangerous testing procedures. Adamant on not having Timber go through unnecessary surgery, we asked our wonderful trainer, Gail Furst (K-9 Healers) if she might be able to help. She referred us to Viand and ultimately you, Dr. DeBaun. You cleared Timber of several secondary symptoms and then put him on the diet. With the help of your associate, Bonnie Rogers, and your wonderful newsletter, we started Timber on his new food. Unlike previous attempts on new foods, Timber immediately started to have normal "trips" outside!!! To our amazement, it appeared that he had been cured. Just to be sure, we waited a while and it has now been nearly five weeks! Timber has gained weight, his coat is shiny and he is back to his little energetic self. Best of all, that twinkle is back in his eye. Thank you, Dr. DeBaun, Bonnie and Viand for leading us to a healthy, happy and long future with Timber! John & Kimberly Stagg Little Falls, New Jersey Board Member GSNMC Associate Member USNMC Attached are a few pics of our Neapolitan Mastiffs Benito (9 years) & Naples (14 months). Thank you, Dave & Alex Rowe Milford, CT Bear is 11 months old in these pictures and about 65 pounds. He is one of nine pups from his Mom's first litter (8 boys and 1 girl). He loves his Viand food. We've been using Viand since we took him home. Our breeder, Nancy Bard, suggested Viand Products to us and the rest is history. Looking forward to many many enjoyable years with Bear. Alexandra K. Marsh, groomer of genuine stray shelter doggies (Dearborn Animal Shelter) and mom of Mia, Micah, Molly and Toby Dear Buster, I completed many months of research before choosing Viand as a premium food for my 4 dogs. I was delighted to later learn that Viand is in the top 15 according to Whole Dog Journal. Not only did I order food, but also vitamin supplements (Wellness) and RECOVER for my newest "shelter" dog. The vitamins smell SO good I would gladly put them on my own food. Everything reeks of fresh and wholesome. I converted my dogs very gradually over several months. They have been on a combination of Viand, raw meat, some veggies and Viand vitamins since June or July. The first thing I noticed was that they all seemed to be developing muscles - in their front legs and hind legs - and without any change in exercise. When I took them in for routine shots, the vet commented on the muscles in the back legs of one of my eskies. He said I must have been exercising them a great deal and I smiled and told him it was only the diet change. Recently it also occurred to me that they have been shedding a lot less than they have previously. I like this! We have been educating every dog owner we meet about using premium foods and Viand in particular. I keep the list of 15 top foods and send it to everyone...of course I put in my pitch for Viand as being MY choice of the 15 *Smile* Thank you for the many great products you make, as well as the informed and customer-oriented staff. It must feel good going to work every day knowing you are making a difference in so many lives. Joan MacMillan DunnMillan Canine College, Canada Just thought I'd drop you a note to tell you that the new bags are very nice but I am a little disappointed! Your President considers we Canadians are FAMILY but you did not include ALL of your family members on the bag-NO CANADIAN DOGS! So I thought I'd include some nice CANADIAN dogs for you in include on the bag! Just to brighten your day! Kathleen Haff - Little Fred & Big Simon Los Angeles California I have been using your food for almost two years since my Chow Chow mix Simon developed demodectic mange. The vet said it was an immune disorder and the treatment would be chemical dipping. That seemed odd to me-wouldn't the exposure to harsh chemicals stress the immune system further. That's when the journey began. I've always taken supplements so I thought I should find a way of addressing the root cause of the demodex. After a lot of searching I found your site-it's changed my dogs' lives. The mange never spread-even though no dip-as the vet said it would and within two months no trace was apparent. I've referred a lot of friends to your site for both Viand kibble when a complete raw diet isn't possible. Your staff is very helpful as people are very nervous initally overcoming the "programming" of the dog food industry. My dogs are really fit and healthy-no more allergies, no more sickness. Thank you! Bruce & Barbara O'Malley Atlantic City, NJ Our two English Bulldogs, Mugsy (larger, 6 years) and Mona Lisa (smaller, 5 years), have been on Viand for 5 years. Mugsy had chronic colitis and diarrhea for his first year of life. After switching to Viand he has had no intestinal problems and vet bills are much less because only visits are check-ups and shots. Also, there are no dental problems with Viand fresh veggies and an apple a day plus no need to brush. Thank you for solving a very messy problem. Pauline and Bob Marckini Attached is a photo of "Sadie" our Bichon Frise. She is 12 weeks old in the photo and her breeder, April Gray, told us to feed her nothing but Viand. It appears to have all the food groups and supplements that she needs, and she loves it. Lisa S. Manahawkin New jersey Best Friends, Thanks. Attached is a photo of Waaksaam and Alec. We started Waaksaam on Viand since he was a puppy. He is almost 1yr old and absolutely loves his food. He is doing great. Allendale, NJ etty has made two good moves for us: First, she adopted us from the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in Oakland, NJ. Second, she switched to Viand food! You should hear us meowing with excitement when she opens the airtight container to dish it out for us. It's superior to anything we've ever had before. Betty has noticed that our digestion has really improved thanks to Viand. We're also trying to add some raw meat, fruits and vegetables to get the live enzymes. We'll be 10 years old on March 31st and expect a long life of fun and health thanks to Viand. Vernon and Frederick (Dictation taken by Betty von Dreele) Caren and Jim Boyd Perry, GA This is a picture of Mel, our Welsh Cardigan Corgi, who absolutely LOVES your food! He's been a Viand dog for two years. We recently went on vacation and had to board Mel for ten days. We made the mistake (we will NEVER do it again!) of not giving the vet his Viand food during this time. When he returned to the house, he ate almost an entire bowl at one sitting (and I do mean "sitting" because that's how he eats!). Mel is one in a million and we intend on keeping him on Viand forever. He is six years old but acts just like a puppy. He was rescued from the Macon shelter 5 years ago and had a bad case of heartworm, which was immediately treated. He is our treasure! And, by the way, he shares our home with seven wonderful felines, whom he adores and loves to herd!! Karen Brinckmann Westport, NY We inherited Dolly at approximately six months old. Her previous owners got tired of her chewing and digging and not listening too well. Since we live on a farm I guess they figured if they dumped her here we'd have plenty of room for her. Well, they were right. It was very difficult in the beginning but with the help of a wonderful dog trainer Tami Mrose that our vet told us about, Dolly has filled our hearts to overflowing with her sweet disposition. Only one problem remained and that was that she had a urinary problem, which is very common among Dalmatians. She was doomed to a life of "peeing" at every opportunity and possibly much worse in the future. Thankfully, we talked to the people at Viand and they recommended her present diet of raw meat and Viand. It worked marvelously. Today she can go 12-14 hrs without "peeing" and there is no evidence of those awful crystals in her urine. Thanks to Viand our sweet Dolly is doing just great. Mariana Garza Dallas, TX This is Scout - he was a rescue puppy. I got him when he was 4 months old, and he is about a year now. He loves the Viand growth and maintenance formula I started him on in December. Thanks for making such a great product! Stacey L. King Detroit, MI I picked up my pure bred Bichon Frise, QUINCY, from a reputable breeder in the Ann Arbor area of Michigan, back in November of 2000. He was about three months old, and was being fed Iams hard puppy food. Naturally, I went right out and bought a bag of Iams for Quincy to have at home. From day one, although he loved the food, he began having digestive problems. For a period of approximately two months, he was throwing up food and bile, as well as experiencing constant and sometimes explosive diarrhea. My vet ran all sorts of tests, put him on all sorts of medications, but was never really able to put a handle on what the problem was. We were concerned that he had eaten some foreign substance or object, and that it was causing the problems. We even took him several times to the Emergency Vet when he got even worse, and they performed an endoscopy, which also failed to really reveal a problem. The final stage for our vet was going to be a referral for a consultation with a canine nutrition specialist. But first, our vet, Dr. John Simon, suggested we just try changing Quincy's diet to the food that he recommended-Viand. We did and Quincy has not had a problem since! We feed him the smaller sized kibble mixed with fresh hamburger meat twice a day, and he loves it! He is 12 years old now, and is thriving! He is a healthy and "crazy" dog and he loves his Viand! Thank you for this wonderful product. Quincy thanks you as well. Charles Nemeth NY, NY Harry and Babou (toy poodles) have been eating your food all their lives with us. Mark Friedman Dobbs Ferry, NY Oscar is the cinnamon-marble and Ignatz is the brown/red spotted Bengal. My breeder suggested Viand when we got them from her and they like it and are prospering. Hope you like the pictures. Fran Hills Cornish, New Hampshire Enclosed are photos of my dog Corbin sitting proudly next to the Viand bag that bears her picture. She continues to be a happy, healthy Lab. She loves her family AND the UPS man who delivers her Viand. Todd Lieto Portchester, NY Sending picture of Oakey and Coco who are 5 years old and have been on Viand their whole lives. The Michaud's Hingham, MA We have two bichon frises, Maggie and Lizzy, who are on Viand. One of our bichons, Lizzy, has a terrible skin condition. Since being on your product she has shown an amazing improvement. Nansi Mitchell Little Ferry, NJ Here is a picture of my KC. She is a long-coat Akita puppy, 9 months old in this photo. As you can see she is bright eyed and bushy tailed and in "Perfect Health." She has been on Viand since the day she was born as her mom was on Viand too. Sadly though, her mom died shortly after giving birth to 13 puppies. I think KC is a fourth generation on your food. Thank you for making a great food for my little girl. Phil & Sherry Roche' South Lake Tahoe, CA Our dog Tucker loves Viand pet food!!! We began feeding it to him because he was experiencing digestive problems with other dry foods. However, he not only feels better when he eats Viand, he loves the taste as well! Attached is a photo of Tucker. Keep up the good work. The Killam family Southboro, MA I have enclosed two pictures of the newest members of your Viand family. Kane is a 13 week-old Tosa and Axle is a 13 year-old Shepherd mix. Since we have been feeding Axle Viand, he has been more playful and full of energy. We have been very happy with the results of feeding them Viand. Kane and Axle say thank you! Mary Sturgis South Windsor, CT Here's one yellow Lab that stays fit and trim on a Viand diet. This is Kranzer's 4th birthday picture. Randy and Jim Flood West Islip, NY As first-time dog owners and almost empty-nesters, my husband and I thought it was a great time to share our home and love with a puppy. We did some research at our local library on breeds, feeding and care, and decided a Labrador would be great for us. When deciding what to feed our new lab, I was sickened to find out what goes into most commercial dog foods, and to find out that it probably does our pets more harm than good. It wasn't until I got to my third or fourth book, one written by April Frost, that I knew what the best choice, the only choice, for feeding our puppy would be. Liberty is a yellow male lab born on Sept. 13, 2001. When we got him home in late November your Viand small bite was waiting for him. Liberty is now seven months old and we couldn't be more pleased with our choices of breeds and food. To say we are pleased with your product is an understatement. Liberty is a testimonial to "wellness." He is a very loving, happy, playful and content animal. He was so easy to train, attentive and obedient. His skin is soft, his eyes are bright and his coat is smooth and shiny. To watch him run and play in perfect form is rewarding. Wherever we go, we receive many compliments on our "handsome, beautiful Labrador." We look forward to sharing many healthy happy years with Liberty and wanted to thank you for a wonderful product, a healthy product and the excellent service your company provides. Our heartfelt thanks! Fiona and Alex Zecca San Francisco, CA We switched our dog over to your food after hearing about it from our vet a few months ago. What a dramatic positive change we have seen in our seven-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback, Jesse! She had so much more energy and her overall shape is so much more lean and muscular. So many of our friends and relatives have made numerous comments on how healthy she looks now. Thank you so much for creating and producing such a great product! P.S. We love reading your newspaper and have passed it on to friends. Dee and Richard Jarrell Roswell, GA Here's "Stoney" (a Skansen Boy) who has been raised on a combo Viand/ raw meat diet. His vet said we'd ruin his health when she saw him as a puppy. Now she says he's the healthiest dog she has ever seen! Imagine that! Jan and Bill Hagara Georgetown, Texas Here are some pictures of our two loved ones — Sony, a six year-old pom, likes the TVs and Emma, our two year-old papillion. The one of Emma in sepia tone I call her old movie star pose. They love their Viand food. I found it on the Internet when Sony was three and Emma has been raised on it. We say, "What do you want?” when it is their suppertime and they run to where the can of Viand is sitting. (We freeze the extra since they are small dogs.) I recently bought the B, C and wellness vitamins in powder form and put it in a teaspoon of chicken baby food, and they just lap it up. Now if we even mention the Viand honey bone snacks, we call them cookies, the ears fly up and they start jumping. They get half of a small one near bedtime. They eat a tablespoon of raw meat for breakfast and small pieces of fruit or vegetables for snacks. Peter, Mary Jean, Connor, Abby and Fenway Short Macedon, NY Enclosed is a picture of our first child, Fenway. He was a rescue as a puppy and to the best of our knowledge is a Belgian Tervueren/Golden Retriever mix. When Fenway was about one and a half years old and we lived in Maryland he began scratching himself raw. Steroid shots eased the itch but his coat was a mess. On a visit home to Seneca Lake on summer we ran into Bruce DeBaun at “The Windmill”, who ended up being a student of my grandmother when on Long Island, and he gave us a sample of Viand. Bruce said to mix a handful of Fenway’s current food with Viand and throw it on the floor. We did this and Fenway ate every piece of Viand leaving his old food for us to clean up. We have been Auto-Ship customers ever since and that includes six address changes! Fenway is now approaching 11 years old and his coat is as beautiful and healthy as ever. We would be honored to have Fenway be part of your next brochure, newsletter or bag to let all pet owners know the benefits of Viand! Kim Frohlinger Hartsdale, NY Enclosed please find a photo of Penny (right, Airedale mix), Ricky (left, Spaniel mix) and Jake (Rat Terrier, bottom). They (all rescues) are doing great on the Viand + raw food diet. Penny had two hip replacement surgeries, one in November 2000 and one in April 2001. After each surgery she improved in mobility, but her fur, which was shaved on her hindquarters, did not grow back. Her regular vet and the surgeon suggested many possibilities, including Graves disease and hypothyroid, both were thankfully negative. We tried melatonin supplements at their suggestion too, but to no avail. Luckily, I read about Scott, Buster and Viand in the New York Times, and coincidentally received a sample copy of the Whole Dog Journal where a dog, who lost his fur, grew it back on a raw food diet. Nothing to lose, we tried it and six months later all her fur began growing back. She is now fully grown in, fluffier than ever, her skin is clear and clean, and she has tons of energy. Ricky and Jake also suffered from, respectively, chronic diarrhea and allergies (Jake took shots weekly). Now, one year later, they are cured of all their ills, and are walking poster puppies for a healthy diet. Thank you so much! To anyone who has NOT rescued a dog, please do, they will make a wonderful addition to your family, and make sure you feed them right, to reverse the damage done in their former sad lives. Sandy & Tom Devine Nevada City, CA Yubi Devine (on the couch), two years old, a rescue cat from Pet Adoption League in Grass Valley, CA. Yubi is Japanese for toes - she has extras on her front paws. Little Guy Devine (under the chair), one year old +, another rescue cat. He was abandoned at K-Mart and bottle-fed by a Pet Adoption League volunteer. He's thriving on Viand - we need to change his name to "Big Guy." Terry Meier & Griff Shaw Barnegat, NJ We adopted our dog Cori at eight weeks from the shelter. A Shepherd, Husky and (?) Collie mix, she's got a playful personality and is always full of energy. Four years ago we switched from Eukanuba to Viand and noticed an INCREASE in her energy level. We've also gotten many compliments from people about how soft and shiny her fur is. She does shed a lot however and it's not uncommon to find fur balls throughout corners of the house. We just call them her furry tumbleweeds. Thank God for central vacuums! Another interesting thing we noticed about her is her eating ritual. Her water and food bowls are connected and she has a habit of bumping her nose into the water bowl to push water over into her food bowl, which contains Viand kiblets. We can only guess that she likes her food a little moist. It's the strangest thing we've ever seen a dog do! All in all we are very happy with the Viand product and we hope to have many more long years with our dog through using it. Evan Meiskin Dobbs Ferry, NY I have a three-year-old Sharpei named Zoe. Zoe has had eating problems her whole life. We basically had to hand-feed her or she wouldn't eat. Zoe also suffered from many skin and allergy problems that led to many expensive trips to the vet. Since I put Zoe on the Viand-Raw Meat combination she not only eats everything in the bowl within seconds, she has an energy I haven't seen since she was a puppy. Her allergies and skin problems have all disappeared. I can't remember the last time we took her to the vet. Zoe looks and feels great and I owe it all to Viand. Thank you, Monica MacLean Andersen, Kurt Andersen & Tai San Carlos CA Dear Dr. Bruce & all the Viand gang, Tai, now LOVES everything. I spoke to you about 2 mos. Ago -- Neurotic pet owner, actor/director and you said "loosen up!" I did and he loves it. I like it too because every meal is different and good and so my cooking skills are shared with Tai. Here is Tai in his Christmas scarf. Thanks again for your help. Sandra Hanes Fort Worth, TX I have been feeding my Chihuahuas and cats Viand along with raw food for several years now. Since I have been feeding this diet, my animals are almost never sick. If they do get sick, they get over it very quickly, requiring no medicine. I added Sphynx cats to my household last year. They are known to be susceptible to upper respiratory infections. A couple of them were sick when I got them. They did require medication to get them well. Since they have been on this diet, they have not been sick anymore. I had my first litter of kittens this past June and the kittens have been healthy. They have had no illness at all. I recommend Viand and a raw diet to all those who purchase kittens from me. I'm attaching a couple of pictures of my cats. The calico is Goody Goody, the blue/white tuxedo is Tux, and the cinnamon ticked tabby/white is Cali. Thank you for providing such a high quality product. Terry Whaley My puppy Nika is 14 months old now. She has been on a "raw diet" based on your Viand dry food since she was 2 months old. Thanks to your food and raw supplement she has grown into a traffic stopping young lady. She is a black and white Siberian Husky with blue eyes. Her breeder was Ann Gregory in North Carolina. She told me about your products when I received the puppy. My Vet is Dr. Thomas VanCise in Norco California. He has incredible patience with animals and my pup loves him. He takes the time to get to know his patients. My dog jumps on him and licks his face every time I take her in. This is the first time I've had a dog and I take care of her better than some parents take care of their children. Thanks again for the great product, Bonnie Gelb Manalapan, NJ Pictured here are Lucky, my Cocker Spaniel, who has been on Viand food since he was 11/2 and Casey Dia, my Bichon, who has been fed Viand since she was 10 months old. When I adopted Lucky from a shelter, his biggest problem was his, excuse the expression, anal glands. My vet suggested surgery because he had a pretty severe problem. I talked to Scott at Viand after a conversation with my dog trainer. He was really a wealth of knowledge. I decided to try Viand in the hope that maybe that would help. Believe it or not, Lucky will be 6 years old in March and he has never had surgery. He is happy, healthy and problem free. Thanks Viand for saving Lucky from undergoing surgery, and helping him and Casey have the life I would like them to have.  


My eight pets (six cats, two dogs) have been eating Viand food for about a year. They eat a raw food diet in the A.M. and Viand in the P.M. My 15-year-old cat (Sweetie) had kidney problems, was losing weight and vomiting every day. After starting the raw meat and...

- Sharon Tarkington West Sacramento, CA

Callie Jean Crytzer, a traditional Siamese cat, on a new chair we had just bought. I was ready to feed her and she was meowing for Viand, which she has been fed for her whole life. She was purchased from Applecat Acres, (owner Jude Heberlig), in Newville, Pa. She was...

- Jan Crytzer Natrona Heights, PA

I spent a lot of time working with my holistic veterinarian and nutrition counselor trying to find a dry food to supplement the raw meat diet I feed my two cats and two dogs, and we determined Viand to be the only one that met our strict standards that the...

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As you know, I breed Bengal cats and have been using Viand for over 6 years. During that time, I have seen some remarkable things. To begin with, several of my cats have had F.U.S. Two of my females and one of my males had been having constant problems with...

- Sincerely, Jeanne Lee Mauasian Dynasty Cattery 98 Woodland Avenue Rutherford, NJ 07070 (201) 804-2539

I am one of those people who turned to holistic remedies, specifically diet, as a last resort rather than a first resort. It was more by default than design, but nevertheless, another case that Viand gets wherein the patient is already wracked by treatments. My cat Elton was 10 years...

- Alison Kruk and Elton! Fairfax Station VA

I am one of those people who turned to holistic remedies, specifically diet, as a last resort rather than a first resort. It was more by default than design, but nevertheless, another case that Viand gets wherein the patient is already wracked by treatments. My cat Elton was 10 years...

- Alison Kruk and Elton! Fairfax Station VA

I first became familiar with your canine products when I brought my chocolate lab, Charlie, for a consultation and an obedience class with April Frost. That was back in 1998 and Charlie was no puppy! She was then 7 years old and was the oldest “student” in the class. Charlie...

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Thought I would send you a testimonial. My animals love your food, and I feel great about giving them your product. When I did some research on what goes into "premium" animal foods, I was horrified. It seems criminal! I have been telling people who I know would be interested...

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