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Summer Pet Tips

Posted by Scott Pollak on

by Scott Pollak

The hot days of summer can be a strain for pets, as well as for us! Taking cues from our own ways of keeping cool and applying them to our pets will help them have a happier summer. And, always remember, use common sense: If you take your dog for a long walk every afternoon and the dog has been sitting in an air-conditioned house all day, carry some water with you. Here are some other hot-weather tips:

  • Pets eat less in the summer, especially during days of high heat. This is normal.
  • Having cool, NOT cold, fresh water available at all times is crucial.
  • The summer is a good time to fast your pet and cleanse his or her system. Get information on our Detox Diet.
  • During the warmer months, many of our animals are outside more, and therefore, come in contact with bacteria absent during the winter months. Para-Yeast Control, our herbal cleanser, can support your pet’s body of unwanted parasites.
  • Very young and very old animals can have a more difficult time keeping cool during the brutal days of July and August.
  • For kittens and older cats, wet a hand towel and wrap the animal in it for a minute or two. This cools down the animal and, when released, it will often lick the leftover water off, cooling down even more.
  • Many dogs like having small kiddy pools left filled. Water dogs especially like to sit in the pool during hot days. Remember to change the water regularly to limit bacterial growth.

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