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Had Enough of The Nonsense?

Posted by Scott Pollak on

It seems that as time goes on the manufacturers are coming out with more nonsense every day. These are also accompanied by continued recalls, so what’s the connection? Simple, as they try to entice you into their new, better diet for your beloved pet, they end up sourcing a new, cheaper source of “nutrition,” which when marketed, properly sounds great, but sometimes things go wrong.

Each day, new seekers reach out to me after spending time and money on prescription diets, specialty diets, and medications, just to mention a few items, just wanting to ease their pets’ pain and get them back onto the road to health.

What will it take for you to reach that point? Why wait? Don’t let your pet fade away little by little; rather boost them today. Here is an easy, proven way to move it along.

Start by adding some digestive enzymes, our UNLEASH is by far the most concentrated probiotic and enzyme supplement out there. Then the next step can be for you to add some WELLNESS everyday supplement to their existing diet and give that a few weeks while cutting back around 15-20% of volume in their daily feed.

Now for the good stuff, add some raw meat into their daily feed10%, 20% to start, take it easy all the while providing less of their non-Viand diet. Hamburger meat, even chicken is acceptable. There is no need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on “special” raw foods rather that any meat that is good enough for you, is good enough for your loved pet, NO?

When you reach a 50/50 proportion, of their diet and raw, around 3 or 4 days into the program, switch their existing food to Viand as you have already started seeing positive changes in their demeanor, focus, and energy just by making the simple transition.

Once you decide to include Viand into their everyday diet, please maintain a portion of raw meat to add that “natural” live ingredients as this is what hey have been designed to eat.

So, why wait, start them to a healthier life today.

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