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Importance of Meat

Posted by Scott Pollak on

If you are a vegetarian, you may have an aversion to handling meat. However, understanding how your pet’s body works may make you more receptive to supplementing a diet (hopefully by Viand) with this important protein source.

Since the advent of commercial pet food, we have been led to believe that feeding raw meat is unnecessary and a health risk. But, there are many differences between humans and their pets. A dog or cat has a much higher ability to tolerate, neutralize, and digest raw meat than we do. Bacteria that would make us ill, does not have the same effect on our pets. Our pets need these bacteria for digestion. The amount of bacteria (E Coli, for instance) that would hinder a cat’s or dog’s system would have to be many times more concentrated than the amount that would make a human ill. Using common sense when feeding raw meat will help keep your animal healthy. It is unlikely that meat that has been USDA approved for humans and purchased in a reputable supermarket would be unsuitable for animals. We know too well the numbers of recalls and illness that humans have experienced in recent years regarding contaminated meat sources, so if you have any doubt regarding the meat you may be handling, do not take chances with your family (which includes your dogs or cats) even though the animals would usually only experience a mild illness, unlike us humans. Our beloved pets have stomach acid that is far greater and more powerful than ours, and remember, if your animal does eat tainted meat, he may just vomit.

Are my diets complete, yes, would there be a benefit to supplementing a raw meat daily or frequently. Of course, BUT I want you to work within your comfort level. Since 1996, I ,along with my brother Dr. William Pollak D.V.M., as well as with hundreds of loyal customers have promoted the “Comfort Zone” approach to feeding your pet. Do NOT add any stress to feeding, do what you’re comfortable with. Our pets are far more in touch with our energy than many of us are, so a mere “feeling” of uneasiness that we exhibit may also upset them.

Remember, I recommend you to include raw product if you wish to your Viand, include, do not add on top of, so as I am offering this advice and ultimately asking you to use LESS VIAND when incorporating it, what is my upside other than the overall wellness of your pets?

Common Sense again…

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