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How To Keep Your Dog Healthy

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Healthy dogboy, that’s a phrase that can mean anything these days. Healthy, does that mean only getting sick 3 times a year? For some reason, many people believe that and accept that. First of all, aren’t they animals? Understanding that first is the most important step in having a healthy animal in your home. Of course, we love them, but really, an animal is on the ground, looking for anything to put in its mouth and should always be alert and most of all, have a vibrant, active immune system. Laying around on a couch, passing gas, eating dead food, and once in a while, walking from the car to the house, is not a dog, but some of us! Running, jumping, barking, loving, sharing, getting our attention, and most of all, staying healthythat’s my dog and cat.

Did you know that your dog’s behavior, happiness, health, longevity and well being are intertwined with what you feed him? If your dog is receiving ideal nutrition, he displays vibrant energy, possesses a high exercise tolerance, has clear, sparkling eyes, his lush, shiny hair/coat glistens, his ears are clean, he always has a good appetite, has a clean no-odor coat, doesn’t pass gas, and he can kiss you all day with no doggy breath. Now, that’s a dog we all should have.

Most dogs are surviving on lower-quality foods, which results in the many symptoms that we have been conditioned to accept as normal. These add stress and expense to our lives, much less theirs, and who needs that?  Excessive itching, licking their paws, hot spots or eczema along with having simple pet odor and passing gas are the most common. Simple observation of these minor pet issues will keep you on your toes when certain situations arise and familiarizing yourself with many topics here at this blog will allow you to become proactive concerning your pets’ health.

Dogs are carnivores. They need meat. Their cells need the correct nutrients to function properly, and the nutrients need to be in the correct proportion. Nutrients are the fuel, and the type of fuel you provide determines your dog’s physical, emotional and mental health. Stay tuned, and I’ll let you know more in the “read a label 101″

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