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Cat Ear Mites

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Cat ear mites are terribly uncomfortable for your cat. Usually, the first symptom you will notice will be your cat scratching his ears or shaking his head due to the extreme itchiness that the mites cause. His ears may be painful to touch and he may cry in pain when you touch them or while he is scratching them.  You may also notice a foul odor coming from the ears.

Visit a veterinarian from best friends animal hospital. He will prescribe an oily insecticide to treat cat ear canals. You can purchase medication for cat ear mites from our pet store. All the black ear gunk has to be cleaned from the ear canal daily to ensure the medication can reach the mites. The best way to do this is with a cotton ball or soft cloth dipped in vegetable oil.

After cleaning the ears the medication should be massaged deeply into the cat’s ears.

It is important to follow your vets or the product's instructions for the application and the treatment of cat ear mites.

Do not cease treatment, because it appears the cat ear mites have gone. You must continue for two weeks to beat the life cycle of the mite.

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