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How Much To Feed A Puppy?

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Roughly 80-85 million pets are considered obese. Many low fat and diet foods are fed in such excessive quantities that they can actually put weight on the animal. Most pet owners don’t understand how much to feed their puppies?

Generally speaking, puppies eat a lot of food. From birth up to six months of age, they ought to eat two to four times as much as an adult dog to support all their growth. Just buying what is considered the best puppy foods for feeding puppies isn’t really or always the correct thing to do. When buying a “puppy” food, be careful to follow the guidelines listed on the dog food bag and make adjustments up or down depending on your puppies’ appetite, growth and changing body condition, as well as being important to watch the stool!

Do research. If you compare different puppies food reviews, you’ll definitely be confused. It may help you to choose what is the best food for your puppies. Our Viand brand is a true, old fashion Growth & Maintenance formula.  What does that mean? Better food, not different foods have always supported a healthy animal. So naturally, after a puppy leaves it’s mother they, as we also tend to, eat the same food throughout the rest of our life. Viand combines, in a synergistic manner, prime cuts of highly digestible meats, blood and muscle, and high quality whole grains (don’t be fooled by the grain free formulas, which are all starch!) We use nourishing vegetables, which are combined with dog vitamins and nutrients. Feeding puppies such a ration as Viand will make your pets’ live healthier and longer.

Viands’ guidelines for feeding puppies are extremely simple… one cup (8 oz measuring cup) of food for every 35-40 pounds of animal PER DAY. Approximately double puppy weight to then equal “dog” weight. Therefore, a 35 pound puppy will eat the same as a 70 POUND DOG (2 CUPS per day, NOT PER MEAL). For those of you that have multiple dogs, combine their weights to reach a total, then divide by 35 for an idea of how much food you would need on a regular basis.

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