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What You Need To Know About Exercising Your Dog

Posted by Scott Pollak on

During the colder months it might be tempting to skip on walking the dog. We all know that feeling when you look out of the window and the rain is pouring down. You just want to curl up with your dog rather than going outside into the cold.

When our pets are confined indoors they’re not getting the exercise they need and are more likely to do things they shouldn’t just to occupy their time.  Exercise is crucial for a pet’s health.

It’s simple. Eat good food and exercise regularly: that’s the key to a healthy life. So, is your pet getting the exercise it needs? An adult dog should ideally be getting two hours of sustained exercise per day, regardless of size, 30 minutes of which should be rigorous enough exercise to get their hearts going.

For dogs, going out in the yard isn’t enough. Ideally, they need to be able to run in large open spaces. Throwing a ball is perfect, especially if you have a tennis ball launcher; that way your dog is running for miles and you barely have to move a muscle!

If you have a friend with a dog of their own, why not partner up and walk them together? Dogs love having a friend to play with and they’ll most likely tire themselves out without you having to do a thing. Of course, you can always take them for a jog or try tying their leash to the front of your bike to take them with you while you ride.

It’s a good idea to check what types of exercise are best for different breeds and age groups. For example, sustained running isn’t recommended for younger dogs as they are still growing and this can be a strain on their joints. So, check out some information out there on the net if you have some questions to see what’s best for your dog!

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