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Your, Mine and Ours

Posted by Alen Malkoc on

Breakups can be tough, and the custody of a shared dog or cat can become a central issue when a couple separates or divorces, leading to anguish, arguments, and in some cases, a courtroom. In the eyes of the law, custody of your pet is not technically what a pet-owner should be expecting when they enter a courtroom. In all 50 states, animals are considered property, and many judges will not grant custody of a pet but rather award him as property. But animals fall into a separate category than replaceable or exchangeable property like cars or homes. Dogs and...

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Q&A/I. Scott Pollak; Crusader for Health and Wellness of Pets- The New York Times

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Q&A/I. Scott Pollak; Crusader for Health and Wellness of Pets By DONNA GREENE Published: January 23, 2000 PROZAC for dogs? I. Scott Pollak, president of a company that sells food and health products for pets, thinks it is a bad idea. But, while he says there are many nutritional supplements that can be good for a dog or cat, the best thing an owner can do is first make sure the pet is eating enough fresh meat. Mr. Pollak, whose company, Viand Pet. is in White Plains, says he is horrified by the trends in the pet food industry to...

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