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Why is real meat, as the first ingredient, so important in pet food?

Meat is a basic natural food source for a carnivore, which our canines and felines are. Some may believe that our dogs and cats are omnivores; however, omnivores still utilize meat as their main source of protein. The most digestible, logical food for an animal with sharp teeth is meat. Grains and starches used in an unnatural proportion are indigestible and are a mere filler to keep the animal content, but not necessarily healthy.

What is the significance of the word "meal" in pet food ingredients?

A "meal" is a dry form of the ingredient mentioned. A lamb meal is lamb meat with the wet components removed: water and fat. Yet, the laws do not require companies to list the quality of the meal they use, as it can vary. Many see meal and immediately think of bone meal, which is bone ground up with the moisture (marrow) removed. A by-product-meal is just that, not meat, but everything else is ground up with the moisture removed.

What ingredients should I avoid when purchasing pet food?

The obvious ingredients to avoid, since consumer awareness has been sparked, are: wheat, corn, by-products, starch ingredients (potato, sweet potato, tapioca), soy, glutens, BHT, BHA, and ethoxyquin.

If I use Viand do I need to feed my pet anything else?

Technically, no. Viand is a complete, all natural, premium pet food. However, to optimize a pet’s health, adding raw foods to a Viand diet will help keep them even healthier. Always remember, dogs and cats are carnivores and carnivores must eat meat.

Do I need to add any supplements to your dog or cat food?

No, but as your pets' life progresses, you may want to assist their wellness by using one or a combination of our supplements. Whether you are boarding, visiting, traveling with, or before, during, and after a surgery or vaccination, supplements can be beneficial to boosting your pet’s health. Occasionally, we recommend adding supplements to a pet’s food to return their body to a normal balance. We offer a complete line of supplements and vitamins to help keep your pet healthy. Our supplements are designed to work in conjunction with the Viand premium pet foods.

How often should I feed my cat or dog?

Firstly, food for a canine or feline should never be left down for grazing as these types of animals are not grazers. Animals should devour their feed as soon as it is put down. If they don’t, pick it up after a few minutes and put it down for them later in the day. Many choose to feed once a day, some choose to feed 2 times a day.

How much food should I feed my pet?

Quantities will depend on the quality of the feed and the type of processing it has gone through. If you are feeding your pet a raw diet, feed them more. If you are feeding processed foods, give them less. Depending on the quality of the commercial feed, the quantity fed can vary from one cup for every 30lbs or so up to 3 cups for every 30lbs. The printed guidelines are just that, guidelines. Depending on the pet’s activity and age the guidelines can change, but the best guideline to follow, believe it or not, is the pet’s stool. Size, texture, firmness and consistency of the stool will show you if the feed quality and volume is correct. A smaller amount of stool coupled with firmness and dark color all indicate that the food is being properly absorbed. Large, loose, light colored stool all indicate the food is too much and is not being properly absorbed.

What can I give my dog for a snack?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best snacks for your dog. Small pieces of string beans, a piece of our Viand food, a dried meat treat or chopped carrots can also be given as snacks. The best treat of all is a raw, frozen marrow bone. When your dog has eaten the marrow out of the bone, you can stick some raw meat mixed with peanut butter in the bone, refreeze it and give it as another treat. We also offer a complete line of treats and chewing choices, that make excellent snacks. We also offer a complete variety of North American or New Zealand meat treats.

What do I feed my puppy? You don`t have a puppy food?

Of course we do! It’s called Viand Canine Growth and Maintenance. We believe puppies and older dogs should eat the same balanced food. A puppy should eat approximately 50-100% more than an adult animal of the same weight. If you have a puppy, we stress the importance of the addition of whole, raw foods. They are crucial during the growing period.

Will the Viand cat food lessen my cat's chances of getting F.U.S. or Cystitis?

The Viand Feline Formula has been specifically formulated to help prevent F.U.S. and Cystitis. The high percentage of quality meat protein, along with its low bulk formulation, produces a natural pH in the urine. The bio-availability and high digestibility of ingredients results in low ash and low magnesium consumption.

My pet is doing just fine. Why should I change foods?

How did you come to ask this question? We founded Viand with the goal of providing a higher quality of life for our pets by giving you a basic understanding of holistic principles. Using Viand can only make your pet better than they are today. Feel free to browse this site and our educational links to find out more about your pet’s health and wellness.

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