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The Viand Detox

The Viand Detox - Viand Pet

Three Steps to Greater Health for Your Dog--The Viand Detox

The Viand Detox - Here's how to get started

Viand Pet is greater than your average pet food. Our high-quality dog food, paired with our supplements and other nutritional products, ensure your best friend is getting the best possible formulas for optimal health. We use no fillers or artificial ingredients, meaning your pet only gets meat-rich, highly digestible food.

Some dogs experience digestive issues when transitioning from one food to another. We have come up with a system to make the transition easier, and to ensure your dog gets off on the right paw from the beginning. To get your dog started on the path to greater health, start his Viand regimen with the Viand Detox. Here’s how.

Day One: Fast

The first step in Viand’s detox regimen is a fast. This is a gentle cleanse of the system to ease your dog into the new diet and to make the transition from the old food go more smoothly, and with maximum benefits. Buy a high-quality sow-sodium chicken broth, and give your dog as much as he wants throughout the day.

Get your pet started on the path to greater health!

Days 2-5: Half Portions

Our pet food is rich in nutrients, and as you know with humans, the higher quality foods we eat, the more energy we have! The same goes for our pets. Take a look at the Viand package to determine how much food your dog should have and cut that amount in half (although we typically recommend 1 cup for every 35-40 pounds of your dog’s weight each day, we suggest ½ cup per day with a good supply of water for this short period). That is what you will feed your dog days 2 through 5. You should already see more energy and sharper focus already!

Day 6 and on: Full Portions

Moving forward, you will feed your dog full portions. To further benefit your dog’s health, we recommend supplementing with Unleash™ to improve nutrient absorption and immunity, in addition to reducing allergic reactions and gas. The digestive enzymes and probiotics in this formula have numerous benefits to your pet to improve all-over health.

When you want to feed your dog the very best, feed him Viand. When you follow this detox regimen, you’re starting him off right on the path to wellness. Your dog will feel increased energy, have better digestion, and gain all the benefits of the Viand diet. Get Viand Dog Regular Bite Dog Food and numerous other formulas when you shop online with us today.