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Have you ever gone to fill up your pet’s bowl with food only to find out that you’ve run out? Viand Express helps you conveniently save time and money on your pet’s food with auto shipments to your door. Never worry about running out of Viand pet food, enzymes or treats again!

Be proactive about your dog’s health and wellbeing with Viand Express. On top of knowing that your dog will be fed and well nourished, you’ll receive 5% off the auto-shipped product, too!

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Find the food or supplement product you need.

2 Schedule

Input how often you'd like to receive it in increments of weeks or months.

3 Add to Bowl

You're all ready to go!
    • Choose the Right Delivery Schedule for You
      Whether your pet needs food once a week, twice a week or once a month - we've got you covered!
    • See the Discount Immediately
      You'll be able to view what your markdown will be even before you add it into your cart. There's 100% transparency!
    • You'll Keep Saving with Our Autoship & Save Program
      You won't only save 5% on your first transaction, but also every ensuing one! Those savings can certainly add up over time.
    • Update Your Subscription Options When You'd Like
      If you see that you're running out of food too fast or have too much left over, then feel free to alter your subscription features.
    • Cancel When Necessary
      While we don't see why you'd want to, you can go back to purchasing on an individual basis at any time, too!
    • Note: We do not award loyalty points towards our Viand Express auto-ship program. Viand Express customers will save 5% off all orders in lieu of points. Loyalty points are only awarded to one time purchases and can be used towards anything on the Viand Pet website.