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5 Healthy New Year Resolutions for Your Furry Companions

Posted by Evan Weber on

Did your pets over indulge during the holidays?  Now that the festivities are over and the New Year is under way, treat your pet to some healthier habits that will benefit him throughout the coming years. 


With so much to do over the holiday season, daily routines tend to take a back seat not just for humans but for their pets, too. Meal times tend to be disrupted as well as exercise regimes and sleep cycles.  Changes in routines can cause anxiety in some pets which can lead to behavior problems.  If you were away from the home for many hours, whether holiday shopping or partying, you may have returned home to a shredded shoe or a toppled trash can.  Getting your pet back on his regular routine and reminding should help ease the stress he may have been feeling and should improve any naughty behavior he was exhibiting.  


If one too many holiday treats made their way under the table during holiday meals, it’s time to get your furry friend back on a healthy and nutritious daily diet.  Over 50 percent of dogs and roughly 58% of cats in the U.S. are classified as overweight, according to the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention.  Obesity will shorten the life of your pet so it is very important to help your dog or cat maintain a healthy weight by offering him a diet that has a high nutritional content such as VIAND which contains approximately six times the nutritional value of one typical bag of dog food. VIAND takes the guesswork out of buying healthy pet food for your dog or cat so that you can enjoy them for many years to come!



Like humans, pets need daily exercise.  20 - 30 minutes of exercise per day in recommended for optimal pet health.  Exercise helps pets release energy, burn calories, and increases strength, endurance and cardiovascular health. Walking your dog provides a special bonding opportunity for you and your pet while also giving him the chance to get out and explore his surroundings. Dogs also love tug toys which is another fun way for him to exercise and bond with his human family.  As for cats, they need exercise, too! If your feline is looking a bit flabby after the holidays, it’s time to pull out some of their favorite toys, as well.  Don’t forget to provide plenty of vertical spaces to encourage your cat to climb and jump up.  Moving his food bowl to a new spot that requires him to jump up to reach it, will get his body moving.  A meat-rich, dry cat food made with no artificial flavors, colors or fillers will further motivate him to find his bowl at any height.  Playing with your dog or cat is always a happy time for both pet and owner, and it will help keep your beloved pet in good health.


Implement a cleansing diet for your dog to release excess toxins and to allow their body to rejuvenate and purify. Introduce VIAND’s cleansing detox formula made just for pets. Antioxidants for pets are becoming increasingly more important to the health and well-being of our four-legged friends as processed foods and environmental pollutants are producing toxins in our pets’ systems.  Super Greens, a premium nutritional supplement for pets, can help reduce cellular oxidation and diminish the destructive effects that free radicals have on the cells of our pets’ bodies.



Although it is best for pets to get their nutrients from a healthy, balanced nutrient-rich pet food, some pets may not be getting enough of what they need.  Pets that have a compromised immune system due to age or other underlying illnesses may need a vitamin or mineral boost.  B-Complex for example, is a team of all the essential B vitamins that work to carry out many metabolic functions. B vitamins for pets can help maintain the health of the nerves, skin, eyes, hair and liver, as well as healthy muscle tone in the gastrointestinal tract.


Make 2017 the best year ever for you and your pet! Enhance your furry child’s health and happiness by adding more love, fun, exercise and nutrient-packed holistic pet foods and supplements to their daily life.

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