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Some Healthy Alternatives for Pet Snacks

Posted by Evan Weber on

Many people believe that our pets should only eat the treats that are specially packaged for them. Like buying a sweet treat for a child, they are ok and not a big deal if they are eaten in moderation since many mass market prepackaged snacks are usually devoid of any nutritional value. While it is important to maintain a diet of healthy dog food, just as we encourage our loved ones to eat their vegetables rather than empty calorie treats, we can foster a love of fruits and vegetables in our pets.

When those loving eyes gaze up at you from under the dinner table begging for just a little taste of what is on your plate, you know that you are guilty of sneaking him a small bite! Aside from encouraging bad behaviors, many of the foods we eat are terribly wrong for dogs. There are some tasty alternatives however that are good for your pet friend.

While sticking to a diet consisting of premium pet food, why not start the New Year off right by supplementing your best friend’s meal time with some people food, or by adding a tasty “people treat” to his training routine. Do be sure to speak to your veterinarian first though before making any changes to his diet.

So, which foods can you add to make your dog’s day more exciting?

  • Lean meats like pork, beef or chicken will help provide protein for energy as well as vitamin B and amino acids.
  • Tuna and salmon will help maintain a shiny healthy coat as well as improve brain function because of their high omega-3 fatty acid content. Never serve them raw however, and try to make sure they are wild caught.
  • Liver is an excellent source of vitamins A, B and K, as well as iron. You can buy it fresh from the market, or you can give them Real Meat Lamb Liver Treats from com.
  • Oatmeal is great as a breakfast food for people, and it is also a perfect source of fiber for your dog. Because it is a whole grain, it is so much more beneficial to his diet and digestion than refined grains particularly if you have an older dog with digestive issues or wheat allergies. While gluten free dog food is the best choice in cases like this, oatmeal makes a wonderful treat.
  • Seaweed or Nori, a popular Japanese product usually found wrapped around your favorite sushi, is readily available in most grocery stores and is rich in vitamins E and C. Its chlorophyll content is important to metabolism regulation and will help your pet maintain his fine physic.
  • After a Nori snack or two your dog may have an issue with his breath (and frankly, who would not?). A few tablespoons of chopped parsley added to his bowl of healthy dog food will help neutralize any odors. As well as provide him with a good source of calcium and potassium.


Replacing your dog’s high fat pre-packaged mass market pet treats with healthy alternative and serving them alongside a premium dog food from Viand  is one of the most loving and beneficial things you can do for him. His immune system will be stronger his weight will be steady or more manageable, and aging will not be as severe as it could be. He will be happier and so will you.

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