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Test the Food and Health Benefits from Sharing Your Life with a Pet

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Help me out here (which way did I come in?), I have every batch of Viand tested after production. Mind you, the raw ingredients are also tested prior to production and I have never had a recall. So, after the math, the cost is around 3 cents a pound for the finished product, or $1,500 a small production run of 40,000 pounds. Granted the big 4 (Procter & Gamble, Nestle's, Mars and Colgate, Palmolive) who produce, I believe, 90% of all the pet food consumed in the U.S.A. produce much larger production runs, so their cost would be less per pound. They're probably continually producing product every day and every hour, how is it that the recalls continue? I have to believe that they test their products regularly, so how come they have so many recalls? Is it that, we as a society, just are not doing our jobs correctly? Do we not have a conscience? Our pets rely on us to watch out for them, just as our children do when they're young as well, so where is the break down? I hope it's not the cost factor, even though a 3 cent a pound production cost can grow up to 15 cents (per pound) at the retail level, it would then add $3 to a 20 pound bag of food. Maybe I am that naive to think so, if so, shame on them.

A recent scientific study has also shown that having a pet around you will decrease the effects of several diseases or illnesses. DUH! We all have known that forever, our pets give us a connection, a love a warmth every time they're around us. Thought patterns, emotional highs, and sometimes consultation, and a sense of peace when desired. Some of our canines have been trained to warn their partner of the coming of an epileptic seizure, sense cancer in people before science can detect it, and of course aiding in the everyday activities of the visually impaired. Senior citizen communities are now allowing pets into their environment, as we know they add years to ones' life. There are so many ways in which we can share our lives with these great creatures. So, for those that only believe in science, the proof is there, and for those that don't need science to prove what we already know, just give Fido a big hug. 

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