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Importance of Probiotics

Posted by Scott Pollak on

We have learned a lot from the holistic community, especially this truth: Feeding a live creature dead food cannot deliver optimum health.

The most important factor when raising and maintaining the overall wellness of your animal is feeding raw meat. Canned, moist or processed food loses most of its integrity and nutritional value during high-temperature manufacturing.

Because we recommend feeding dogs and cats raw meat, we are often asked "What about parasites?" The most common questions concern E.coli and Salmonella. E.coli is a bacterium normally found in the billions in the colons of our animals. It is essential for life and helpful to the digestive process since it breaks down various food components. Only when an unhealthy animal is fed decaying meat can the colonies of E. coli multiply and cause harm, which will pass through the animal, not kill it.

Our pets are carnivores, so their bodies are designed to eat and process raw meat. The carnivores digestive system is very different from a humans. Theirs is a simple stomach with a short digestive tract; ours is a complex stomach with a much longer tract designed for processing more vegetables and grains. What enters a carnivores stomach is subject to almost double the amount of hydrochloric acid found in a human stomach.

Carnivores also produce digestive enzymes in their stomachs which, with the high acidic level, gives them the ability to digest raw meat and even bones. Our pets can eat things that would make us all quite ill.

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