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Long time customer, new concern

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Lisa A., a long time customer recently emailed me and asked if anything was new or happening. I would like to share my response.

Scott here,

Firstly, thank you for your order and your continued support. Listening to your message, you asked me for some assurance of Viands quality and if there was any current information relating to Viand in the news. So, as far as periodical updates, happy to say, there are none, I have been able to keep sourcing high quality ingredients, locate American micronutrients, never include any ingredients from China, never had a recall, and nothing, but great stories from lifelong clients, such as you.

My whole concept and execution of this company from the beginning has been based upon the simplicity and common sense approach of maintaining a healthy canine and feline by simple, clean, meat-rich food and common sense reactions when addressing an issue if they were to arise.

As you have been a loyal customer for years, I know your pet has been healthy, vibrant, focused, and happy for the years you have been feeding Viand and following our simple guidelines on the website or calling for assistance if anything has come up. That’s really all there is, as I believe in the K.I.S.S. principle, as keeping it simple and enjoying your pet to the fullest without the worry and constant need for veterinarian intervention is the goal.

Proving that when it works, leave it alone, whereas the industry keeps changing things to lower their costs while passing on to you, the consumer, all of their advertising and marketing costs. The great advertising convinces you into believing that dog food needs more and more research and development, new and improved, etc. only to end up at the vet's office more often and change foods regularly, not here at Viand!

So, thank you for the last 12 years, you as many loyal clients have informed me of the long years of sharing a healthy dog has been worth and I hope for many years to come that I can continue to provide the highest quality product to ensure your pet’s longevity.

Thank you again, for trusting me,


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