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Food Allergies

Posted by Scott Pollak on

One of the most important ingredients in maintaining optimum pet health is a diet of fresh wholesome varied nutrients. Vitamin and mineral supplementation will further add vitality and energy to your pet. On such a diet the energy, nutrients and intelligence consumed will allow for maximum stamina and overall health.

Diets fed that contain old, spoiled, and inappropriate components create an environment where, not only do the organ systems of the animal not function properly, but there is a continual attack on the body of poisons and what is called allergens or antigens. In this system, under continual attack, what would have been a harmless and even beneficial nutrient is implicated as a co-conspirator in a cascade of events that turns the over stimulated “attack” mode of the animal, on the animal itself. This style of functioning is a cry for greater health and well being. It is an indication of the system that is not functioning as designed. Allergy in all its forms, is a reflection of a system starving for higher nutrition, intelligence, and health.

There is a tendency to blame foods as being “bad” and producing allergy. In fact, the overall quality of the diet results in the expression of health and vitality, or allergy and disease (the relative absence of health), especially in our pets.

Blaming particular foods as allergenic and causing disease, results from understanding health from a level blinded by the fear of disease. Almost nothing can be further from any concept of Wellness. Wellness is the experience and knowing all is WELL, to whatever extent the living system is capable of knowing or imagining. Any understanding of health that has at its basis avoidance in any form is living in a disease state. Health is freedom, joy, and growth all mixed together in the eternal present. Living and trying to avoid this and that kind of food (or any environmental particle for that matter) for extended periods of time in the name of keeping disease away is far from health. Can anyone believe health is always being on your guard against all the possible foods that can do you or your pet “in”?

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