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Big Pet Food And Raw Meat

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Have you heard the news concerning the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) and the upcoming vote as to their official policy concerning the raw feeding practices of their clients? The view of officially discouraging the practice of raw feeding for dogs and cats can only overflow to the policies of kennels, dog sitters, and exposure to countless other potential commonly shared environments where we all participate with our pets.  If adopted, this policy can discourage anyone from continuing their practice of raw food supplementation and surrendering to the fear.

Sothe big guys once again are trying to derail a great thing, which has been from the beginning of time, because it cuts into their profitsMmmm. It seems there’s someone out there trying to stop the sales or distribution of “RAW” meat products for our canines. Who could that possibly be? Is it possible that their concern is truly eliminating or minimizing the participation of the spreading of a dangerous bacterium to other canines as well as humans through the handling of RAW meat???? Wait a minute, the only cases of this type of contamination seem to be only through the processed product they have produced over the years as witnessed by all the current recalls!

That couldn’t happen, not in America! How inconceivable that a large commercial conglomerate, maybe channeling monies through a nonprofit or some organization, which seems to give the appearance of being righteous and forthcoming in all its endeavors in someway attempt to stop a grass roots movement (which has many commercial components within its ranks) from chipping away at its profit centerNEVER!

Let’s see, I know of hundreds of people over the years that include raw meat, beef, chicken, turkey and even pork to their canines and felines and well, I’ve never heard of a problem. In a matter of fact their visits to the veterinarian usually disappear as their pets exhibit an incredible level of well-being. So what’s going on?

We see it in every aspect of our lives with large corporations worrying about us and all the possible dangers that we subject ourselves to on a daily basis. Now, we need to worry about someone feeding a raw diet to their dogs or cats and spreading the dangerous bacterium that may be in a piece of contaminated meat, which they purchased. It hasn’t happened yet, but we should take all the precautions, right? How about pedestrian overpasses at every intersection in America as people do get hit by cars or engine governors only allowing 5 miles per hour in urban centers or how about we just surrender and admit the public is so stupid we can’t do anything without someone watching over us.

When will this stop? Who knows,but we cannot keep lowering everything to the lowest common denominator as the word common in that phrase doesn’t really apply. Lowest maybe, but far from common.

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