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Raw Meat For Your Pet

Posted by Scott Pollak on

As human beings, we may have an aversion to eating raw meat, but for our pets, the source of protein can be highly beneficial. Understanding your pet’s body and digestive system can make raw meat in your pet’s diet a more comfortable notion.

The fear of raw meat being a health risk for pets because the level of bacteria that would cause harm to a dog or a cat in comparison to the level that would harm a human would have to be far more concentrated. It’s just about being smart when choosing what meats to feed your pet, USDA approved meats sold in supermarkets for human beings are most likely to be safe to feed your pet. Of course, on the off-chance your pet does ingest tainted meat, their internal system is more attuned than a human’s to naturally expel the toxin by vomiting.

Though a diet of pure raw meats may be optimal for a dog, it is much more practical to feed your pet an all-natural, dried meal of high quality meat and ingredients, such as Viand Canine Regular Bite Dog Food and supplement it with occasional meals of raw meats and vegetables.

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