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Picky Eaters

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Unlike dogs, cats tend to be picky eaters. They often know what they like and have little interest in food that does not meet their specifications. So, when you need to switch kitty’s food due to age, illness or out of dietary concern, you may encounter a hungry cat unwilling to eat. So, what is a cat owner to do when kitty doesn’t like her dinner?

Tips for the Picky Cat:

  • Taste Test: Your cat may not try a new food if you just put out, but if you place the new food next to the old food, she will not snub it. Try this for two days, and then remove the old food completely.
  • Add Gravy: Adding a gravy sauce to your cat’s food will add a boost of flavor that your cat may prefer. Our SuperGravy even includes additional vitamins and minerals that enhance the nutrition of the meal.
  • Don’t Back Down: Cats often know what they can get away with. If Kitty feels you will back down first, she will hold out. Be persistent. Kitty will give in out of hunger sooner than you would think.
  • Call the Vet: Your cat may have a medical issue that you are unaware of. A stuffed nose, stomach ache or dental issue could make any meal less appealing. If you are concerned, contact your vet and have Kitty checked for anything that may be influencing her eating.

Of course, a well-balanced meal is one that most cats prefer. Feed the Viand Feline Cat Food to see a change in your pet’s energy level and overall health.

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