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Stool Tells All

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Probably the best indicator of an animal’s health is the regularity, size, color, and texture of its bowel movements. If the stool is large in volume and has a soft texture, it indicates poor digestion; either the ingredients were not easily digested, the cooking process was inadequate, or the animal is reacting to a change in diet. Animals with a semi- or liquid bowel movement should, especially over a prolonged period of several days, be carefully monitored for signs of illness and dehydration. Proper nourishment typically results in small, firm stool deposits.

Puppies- Newborns will start consuming “moistened” dry food at about 4 weeks of age. Add either warm water, milk or chicken broth to the kibbles until they have gruel-like consistency. Puppies should be typically fed about 3 times a day. At each meal, allow the puppy to feed for 10-20 minutes  (usually it takes a minute); then, remove the remaining food if any. As the puppy matures, reduce the volume of liquid until the food is a dry state. Change the feeding regiment to 2X a day at 6 months of age. Dogs should consume adult feeding habits at about 1 year. This does vary depending upon the breed, size of animal. many large breeds can continue growing and “filling out” up until about 2-3 years of age.

So remember, the stool tells all…quality in; quality out…garbage in; garbage out. For a quickie video:

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