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Your Dog Will Tell You

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Still watching Fido doing something that’s ticking (no pun intended) you off? Went back and forth to the vet and still a little better, but not really? Really, keep reading the information at this site and you’ll see what’s right for you.

Your dog does a wonderful job of diagnosing and treating himself. I am sure you have observed your dog scratching, nibbling, licking or biting at different parts of his body. Your dog is telling you something. (Allergy Trio) He instinctively knows how to treat himself.

If the behavior happens once or twice, there is no need for concern. But, if your dog repeatedly goes after the same spot, his is trying to stimulate the energy in a particular set of organs. In the spring, for example, we see dogs that nibble on the inside of their hock joints, on their toes on the inside of their feet or at their nails on those toes. Locating the exact spot of the nibble will most often tell you that this is the major treatment point for the liver. In the spring, the energy of the body is in the liver and gallbladder. It’s all so exact!

So clean him out, feed less, get his energy up and feed better. The healing process starts with you knowing what feels right along with a common sense approach to better health for your beloved pet.

Limit the food volume, provide plenty of liquids, get ‘em outside, and raise their quality of food. They will naturally heal and you’ll say…Why did I wait so long?

Welcome to Viand!

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