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Posted by Scott Pollak on

Protein, digestible protein, is the most important part of your dog’s diet, and amino acids are the building blocks of protein. More meat in the diet assures sufficient amino acids. Raw meat is believed to be the best source for these building blocks. Do not be fooled or mislead or even directed to diets, which say they use meat…where in reality the meats are liquid forms of meat (which they do NOT have to say) and after processing end up in low amounts in the actual product compared to the starches (usually grain free diets) or grains. Many grains and starches have proteins, but are not bio-available sources of protein. Viand’s primary ingredients are highly digestible proteins, our meats are in meal form (dry concentrated), which are 60-80% protein and are synergistically balanced with high quality grain and valuable micro nutrients to complete Viand as the only product left in the industry using 2 meat meals (Lamb & chicken) as first two ingredients in a four ingredient base food. Look at your label, compare for yourself and don’t use the compare charts available on competitors websites as they only include the items they wish to address.  When your dog does not get enough protein, you leave him vulnerable.

Common symptoms of either poor source protein or poor quality protein include chronic skin or ear infections; spinning or tail chasing; aggression or timidity; excessive shedding; crooked whiskers; vomiting or diarrhea; poor appetite; overall weakened immune system to name a few.

The majority of working breeds need extra protein. Dogs that are couch potatoes can get by on less protein (and food in general), but please review where the protein is being delivered from.

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