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Homeopathy: Healing The Whole Patient

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Conventional medicine, as we know it, uses drugs to target a part of the body where disease has control. Homeopathy looks at the whole patient and treats the individual, not the disease. In homeopathy, the individual’s reaction to the imbalance is the guiding process that determines the homeopath’s course of action. Signs of discomfort and abnormal function as well as emotional considerations are most important for proper treatment. The homeopathic practitioner also takes into consideration the personality of the dog, the time of the year the symptoms are worse, the time of day when the dog seems uncomfortable, the past illnesses the dog has had, what he eats, how he is housed and, perhaps most importantly, his relationship with his owner.
When using conventional medicine, palliation or suppression of the disease is implemented in an attempt to alleviate symptoms, which rarely results in a cure. With the proper use of homeopathic remedies, the disease will not return. Homeopaths understand that by gently allowing the body to express the symptoms instead of suppressing them by the use of drugs, that illness can make its way out of the body.

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