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How Can We Cut Pet Care Costs?

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Where can someone save on pet costs? As you know if you’ve read or watched any of the material that I’ve put out there over the years; you would know where I’m going with this one! Yes, the average costs for caring for your canine friend range between $700 to $3000 a year depending on the medications, visits to the veterinarian, grooming, diet, treats, and toys to name the more common ones. The largest, of course, can be the medical bills and medication; so, while many of us periodically trying to become healthier ourselves, let’s do it for our friends health as well as our pocketbook.

A healthier animal will naturally have minimal health concerns if any; so, the first logical defense would be to keep them healthy by diet and exercise. Cut out frequently buying fancy toys and pricey treats. If you must buy toys, buy ones that last, a Kong, or sturdy pull toys work great and last a lifetime for many.  Here it comes…give them a bone! A real bone initially with marrow in it from the butcher (remember those guys behind the counter with sawdust on the floor?) will last many dogs a really long time and doesn’t splinter (RAW, never cooked). Cats love chasing a laser dot or playing inside and out of a crackly paper bag.

Try to locate a veterinarian teaching hospital, local shelters or a branch of the humane society for reduced costs on vaccinations, spay or neutering costs. Online companies also dispense prescriptions at a lower cost as well. Plan ahead if it’s a seasonal medication. Since 1996, I have always endorsed and maybe preached a bit too much on the seasonal cleanse along with a seasonal worming, which has proven extremely cost effective for all that have implemented it into their normal regiment over the years. Many clients have told me they have never gone to the veterinarian for any health concerns over the years as this preventative program (and cost effective program) has been able to maintain a vibrant and healthy immune system while keeping their digestive tract alive resulting in an incredibly wonderful shared life with their pets!

  • Diet, meat rich and highly digestive (check the stool size, better in, less out)
  • Discounted cost veterinarian facilities
  • Better stronger toys
  • More exercise
  • Use their kibble as a treat (they don’t care, it’s a treat for doing something)
  • Plan ahead for seasonal medications which can be purchased online


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