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Should The Food Vary?

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Over the years our products have varied from texture, odor and color…and most of our clients expect that from us! HUH? Exactly! We do not color, flavor or do anything to our products to hide the natural changes that happen when making either food or supplements.

Think about it, how could a mixed product comprising of many ingredients sourced from different available channels, naturally varying due to season of harvesting or slaughter (hate saying that) be always the same, batch after batch??? Oh, I know, coloring, flavoring, chemicals, artificial anything, you can do lots of things to make it appear the same.

Well, I don’t do that. You know that things vary with the big guys, that’s why there are recalls, something went wrong. Viand has never been involved in a recall and I have always taken the steps to ensure the quality of my finished products and that they will deliver optimum nutrition and all the essential nutrients necessary to grow and maintain a vibrant animal.

You may have heard me say it before, this ain’t rocket science, they’re dogs and cats and it is naturally simple to keep them healthy. Please visit the site more often, pass the word around and we will all benefit approaching this from a common sense perspective and enjoy our four legged companions as it was originally designed to be experienced.


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