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Covid-19, Now We’re Home…and Then We May Not Be

Posted by Scott Pollak on

With all the issues that the Covid pandemic has thrown at us, whether it is health, economic, or of a logistical nature one thing is for sure, our four-legged buddies have lightened the load for us emotionally. If you're dog or cat is like mine, it surely has been great for them, creating a new bond with you and your family, all day, every day. As we continue to progress through this uncertain times things will undoubetly open up and many of us will be headed back out of the house for the day and your buddy(s) will be confused and wondering where’d you go?

I’ve noticed a change in my 10-year old corgi since this started, he wants to play more, he likes to cuddle which he never liked to do before and he also likes hanging out on the deck away from us sometimes...who says you an old dog can't learn new tricks! Now I don’t pretend to be an animal behaviorist or an expert in animal psychology but as those that know me, or have conversed over the phone with me know, I believe in common sense.

With a little research on the internet it’s easy to find lots of articles and information regarding pet anxiety but honestly now, let’s nip this before it may become an issue. I've spoken with the countless vets, trainers, and breeders that advocate for Viand and they've said the same thing. Once you do start going back to a more "normal" routine and are out of the house, you may find new scratch marks on the door or something new is ripped up, or no matter how long they've been trained, they may have left you a new "package" on the floor.

The experts I've spoke with, as well as common sense says to initially don’t make a big deal of this and to leave some recently worn clothing around to comfort them when you’re out. Another suggestions that has seen traction is the use of calming essences (homeopathic) or start talking to them before you leave letting them know you’ll be back. Try to start any of these a few weeks before you know that you’ll be going back to work.

Now in a perfect world it would be great being able to take them to work, so if possible, do it! Ask as some of the office rules may have changed during this time of Covid. If finances allow see if you could start sending them to a doggie daycare before setting up a new routine to lessen the anxiety. Many of you may have found a neighbor that you have shared dog/pet watching/sitting time with and possibly they can help you with that or you can trade off now and then, it’s great for your pet as you probably have acknowledged already.

Now for the most part this is not rocket science but hopefully some of this may be helpful in acknowledging this sooner than later. PLEASE if you do witness some change in their behavior when things get back to whatever normal may be, don’t punish or scold them as these anxious behaviors are not in any way or form spite or a new found disobedience. They are upset and this is a new found stress. Love them more (if you possibly can) and enjoy the time that this challenging time has given us. Thank God for our pets for they are truly a gift in so many ways.

Let’s stay smart, keep a “social” distance until as a community, together we send this virus away forever as we have for so many before.

Be Well,

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