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Is Raw Meat Healthy to Feed my Pet?

Posted by Scott Pollak on

For over 27 years we have preached feeding raw meat along with our dry kibble to your pets. Why is this? The reason is two fold... first and foremost, it's what is healthiest for your dog or cat. Take a second and a step back to think about this for a second. Domesticated dogs and cats are carnivorous animals and are closely related to wolves and wild felines... do lions gather different ingredients, send them to a factory and cook their foods? No, they hunt and eat their meat raw... so why should dogs or cats?

Adding raw meat to your pets diet can have a positive, long lasting effect on their health, their fur coats, and all aspects, just ask the thousands of customers whose pets continually outlive their breeds life expediency.

Many believe feeding raw meat is a no-no, look on the internet and you’ll see plenty, yet the no-no’s are in response to people handling it, not the dog or cat eating it, a study funded by dog food manufacturers! What a surprise!



The second reason why we preach supplementing raw meat with our dry kibble is it helps make your kibble last longer! Instead of feeding the full amount of kibble, feed half the kibble and half raw meat... your bag will now last TWICE as long, and you'll have a much happier and healthier dog for a long time.

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