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Does Your Dog Really Love You?

Posted by Evan Weber on

Through the ages, man has seen that dogs are particularly adapted to humans and have developed a unique way to express their love for people. While some people may be quick to dismiss a dog’s devotion as simply a relationship based on need that is really not true. It seems that dogs have developed the strongest ability of all animals on Earth to form affectionate bonds with humans. They do not just love us, they need us, but not just for food and physical care. They need us emotionally. The bond a dog feels for his human is one of deep devotion and is unconditional.

A dog’s behavior can be subtle. Did you know that your fur friend can hug you with his eyes? When you play or cuddle with your dog, you both release oxytocin, the hormone that helps new mothers bond with their babies.

Dogs even carry such an instinctive ability to read humans, that they will also yawn when they see someone they like very much yawning. Studies have shown that yawning following someone else is a sign of empathy. It is not possible to measure how empathic dogs are, but it is believed that dogs yawn when a human they love does due to the emotional connection they have with this person and because they want to show affection.

Because a dog’s affection is most evident in his desire to be physically close to you it sometimes appears to be a sign of clinginess, and it is not always easy to distinguish healthy positive clinginess from insecurity, but in both cases your dog is deeply attached to you. There is a classic 1972 song by singer songwriter Bill Withers called “Lean On Me”, about how sometimes in life, we all need someone to lean on. Dogs long for and seek that same kind of support. If your dog is always in your lap, leaning against you or following you room to room, he is truly attached to you. He might also lean against you if he is nervous, worried or needs help. What is significant is that this behavior is also a sign of the dog’s love. Even if your dog is leaning against you because of his nerves, the act implies that he knows that you are someone who will protect him and keep him safe from harm.

Humans often refer to dogs’ tails as significantly revealing how they’re feeling, and while that’s often true, experts say that their faces are even more powerful conveyors of what they want and feel. A Japanese study has shown that when dogs were introduced to their owners, a stranger, or a dog toy, the dogs lifted their eyebrows when seeing their owner, but when they saw a stranger their whole face seemed to react. When seeing an object that they recognized and liked, their left ear bent backwards. Scientists have interpreted this to mean that dogs are reserved when exposed to something they do not recognize or dislike.

When your puppy brings you his favorite and most cherished toy, it means not only that your dog is in the mood to play. Although playing in itself is a sign of love, when he gives you his favorite toy, it shows that he thinks of you as his respected leader and trusts in your reliability that their precious bone is in good hands. He assumes that you will give as much undivided attention to their cherished toy as they do.

Does your dog cuddle with you after he has his dinner? That is a strong sign of love and proves your dog’s love for you. We all know that dogs love to eat. But did you know that the automatic next step after many dogs eat their meal is to snuggle up to you? This demonstrates the canines’ sense of priority. When he snuggles up after his meal of good, holistic dog food, not only is his appetite satisfied, it is a sign that your dog has very strong ties to you.

When your dog sits on your feet he is actually marking you. While he wants to be close to you he is actually telling everyone that you are his, and now you even smell like him, so stay away. He does this for three main reasons: to feel secure about his place in your life, to warn other dogs that you are spoken for and because he wants to protect you.

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