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Is garlic and onions OK for my dog?

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Nearly every day clients will call or email us with questions about their pets health. A client in South Carolina recently asked me if garlic or onions were okay to give to his dog. I have no doubt that he is not alone in wondering this.

At a first glance, no, garlic, onions, chocolate, etc. are all items that can be of concern, but the the size of your pet, and the strength/potency of the ingredient also play a large factor. With that being said, for over 22 years we have been using a small amount of garlic in our vitamin and mineral mix as there are some benefits to dogs and cats on a holistic level.

I would never feed head of garlic or a whole onion to my dog yet garlic in small quantities (as in the food) is actually believed to keep fleas and ticks away.

For other foods that are classified dangerous:

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