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Are Grain Free Diets Healthy for Dogs?

Posted by Scott Pollak on

I'm sure you have heard about the new "Grain Free" diet for your pets fad that has been sweeping the country. Before jumping on any bandwagon diet, for yourself OR your pets, it's important to understand the WHY.

For over 22 years, the Viand Pet brand has stood for healthy pet food. I have never preached "Grain Free" diets, as the creation of this craze was in response to the fact that clean whole grains became too expensive (I still use it in the foods) of an ingredient, and some of the larger brands are focused on driving down costs, at any expense. In order to justify the change in ingredients, they pushed a grain free marketing campaign. These diets are not driven by science or what's in the best interest of your pet, but instead for whats in the best interest of the company.

These companies NEVER advertised any reason as to why grain free was better, just GRAIN FREE. They successfully proven that the public would assume by promoting GRAIN FREE therefore grain must be bad, well they were correct in their assumption. Recently in the news you may have heard the possibility of ill health connecting grain free diets may have. These diets are filled with pea starch, tapioca, potatoes and other cheap, mmm… stuff.

All we ask is that before jumping on a "Grain-free" diet because you saw it on a commercial, or read it in an article... educate yourself... do your own research, it's the least you can do for your best friend!

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