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Take a Holistic Approach to Pet Allergies

Posted by Scott Pollak on

In this world, we have become so attuned to treating illness and conditions with a pill or cream, but rarely get down to the root cause of the condition to fix it first. One reason is that getting down to the root cause and treating that first often takes more time than a pill or cream. We at Viand Pet wholeheartedly believe in taking care of your pet’s health from a whole-body approach, especially when it comes to pet allergies.

Just like humans, some pets also suffer from seasonal and year-round allergies. One of the main symptoms of seasonal allergies in pets could include biting and scratching their itchy skin with their paws or rubbing against walls, posts, and the ground in attempt to get some relief. You might notice hair loss and occasional bleeding, too. Keep an eye on the ears, fur, and anal area especially. Your first and natural instinct might be to go to the vet for a cream, and while this is certainly not a bad move, you also should consider taking a holistic approach as well.

The first place to start is with holistic cat and dog foods, as well as holistic cat and dog supplements. Before you start this approach, get things off on the right paw by detoxing your dog or cat! Read on to learn more about a holistic approach to pet allergies.

Holistic Dog and Cat Food

In many cases, implementing a whole diet is the best way to start. When you feed your pet a premium pet food brand made with real meat and that doesn’t have fillers, you’re able to take care of multiple fronts. For one, you should be able to cut the amount of food you have to feed them, which could help if your furry friend is a bit on the huskier side. More than that, the ingredients are less prone to cause inflammation because they aren’t packed with unnecessary ingredients, or use processing techniques that remove the nutritional benefits of the ingredients.

Holistic Dog and Cat Supplements

Sometimes, your pet will have additional nutritional needs because of pre-existing conditions—or maybe you want to offer an additional boost to their overall health and immune function. Using holistic dog and cat supplements is key. One product Viand Pet offers is Unleash, which boosts enzymes to reduce allergic reactions, boost immune function, and improve digestive, liver, and kidney functions.

Holistic Allergy Spray

When your pet does need a more immediate relief while waiting for his food and supplementation to work their magic, try a topical spray that is made of essential oils and extracts that are formulated to soothe skin irritations and hot spots. It’s also wonderful as a pest repellant and ear cleanser!

For the best holistic pet foods, supplements, and treatments, shop at Viand Pet today!

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