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The Viand Pet Food Difference

Posted by Scott Pollak on

When it comes to your dog or cat, you want to keep them around for as long as possible, and as healthy as possible. You want a food that will not only fill them up, but with no fillers, and keep them healthy. You want a food that doesn’t have gluten, fillers or other junk. You want Viand Pet food.

As a holistic pet food company, we have spent over 27 years dedicating ourselves to creating a food and supplement lineup to keep your pet healthy and active, no matter their size, breed, or age.

Since 1996, we’ve sold the highest possible grade food, supplements, and other products to maintain your pet’s health and happiness. Our goal is, and always has been, creating products that holistic veterinarians, choice breeders, animal nutritionists, and other professions will fiercely stand behind…and they havesince our start.

What makes us so great?

Premium Cat and Dog Food Ingredients Without the Fillers

Much like processed human food, some pet food manufacturers manufacture their products to the point that they strip all the good nutrients out of them. But because of the requirements of the USDA, they’re required to add back some of those vitamins and minerals with fillers. The truth is, many of them don’t disclose what exactly those fillers are, but they can range from high starch contents which the "grain free" diets are mainly derived from, sugar, artificial colors, soy, and even pet hair, to name a few. Your pet deserves better. Viand never uses fillers. Ever.

All-Natural Cat and Dog Food

You’re probably wondering what’s left to put in pet food. Well, at Viand, we’ve weeded out the unnecessary ingredients, and have gone right to the best ingredients. We start with four main ingredients to put your pet on the path to wellness, and from there, add essential herbs and vitamins.

Dog and Cat Food Supplements

Even if your beloved pet has a well-rounded, holistic diet, due to age or other circumstances, they might experience the need for supplements. No problem. Viand brings you a complete lineup of supplements to enhance your pet’s well-being (and put a little bit more of a spring in their step). Whether your pet needs a little extra digestive help, something to soothe sore joints, or even irritated skin, Viand has a solution for you.

Viand brings you solutions for just about every aspect of your pet’s health. Our holistic, homeopathic approach ensures your pet is receiving healthy ingredients for the healthiest life possible. And when you make the move to Viand, we’ve got a pet detox that will get them off on the right paw.

Shop for Viand foods and supplements now.

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