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Smart, Intelligent Dogs...YUP!

Posted by Scott Pollak on

As a dog lover, and I gather you are as well, an article in the New York Times recently acknowledged the science behind what we knew all along, dogs have emotions. This is a second time that I can recall that science was blown away acknowledging the incredible canine. On a Nova broadcast, I believe back in 2011, a great show by the way, the conclusion of the canines ability to deduce 

(if you don’t have time for the whole 15 minutes, watch between 10:49 and 13:42) and now  both tell us what we already knew, just by spending so much time with our dogs.

We know and many times wonder; just who are they? Our canines share so much with us emotionally, especially as they support us through the tough times. It is truly amazing and such a gift. So, why wouldn’t you want the best for them? When things arise, listen to them, rely on your instincts, your common sense and they’ll guide you through our own issues as well as their own issues and together you’ll both choose what is best. At least, that has been my experience along with that of many of my customers over the years.

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