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Recall After Recall After Recall

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Woke up this morning, dragged a comb across my hair…read the paper, and turned on the news. How many dogs have died? It seems to range somewhere between 60 and hundreds. How many times does this have to happen until we, as intelligent individuals, realize that the idea of a treat is a reward, or should be a reward for your pet that did something well or just because you love them. If we agree with that, then what should the treat be???

If your dog loves his food…how about a piece of that!!!!??? It’s a treat! They'll love you just the same, really. Stop the nonsense of giving them something like those jerkies that have been recalled again, did I mention RECALLED!

If we as a society, by not purchasing something that has a history of a problem, being a car guy remember the Covair, Chevy Vega, exploding Ford Pintos? We have also shifted quality of cars, television, and thousands of products by demanding better stuff, we have even forced total brands to disappear, then why in Gods name do some people continue to give their loved pet something that has a history of potentially killing their dog?

Please, stop, give them anything else as a reward to show them you love them, don't play Russian roulette.

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