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'Tis The Season...Seasonal Allergies, Humbug

Posted by Scott Pollak on

 ‘Tis the season, it’s not Christmas, but it’s one which you really want to hear about for your pets’ sake. BUT, if you’re in the know, you know what time it is. It’s, yep, its earth pulling, shifting and it’s de-tox time (depending where you reside). Those of us that understand the impact that the pull or changing of the season has on us, understand it impacts our pets even more as they are creatures on the ground. The autumn to winter change is one which can cause havoc to your pets system.

More than ever, the symptoms related to this time of year (and the shift from spring to summer) are misdiagnosed as seasonal allergies. The usual treatment of antibiotics, the cost of testing, diet changing, creams and ointments accompanied by your time and aggravation just complicates things. Symptoms can range from frequent scratching, foot licking, shaking their head, excessive ear discharge, dragging their butt, eating dirt, eating twigs are among the most common visible signs of this temporary time and all they are asking for is HELP! Our help, no need to go running to the doctor, I hope you didn’t run to the pediatrician every time your child had a cold or runny nose.

Please watch the video-

Some folks like to refer this protocol as an elimination diet (a temporary one), either way, understanding that less is best, allowing the body to release and purge can only help.
So, I’ll keep this short and count on those of you who wish to have their dog be the healthiest they can be, provide this simple program when the weather shifts in your area, usually it’s when you “feel the change is a’commin’”.
Thank you and remember you can even apply this principle to yourself (that is, you change your diet  temporarily usually taking in far less food and increasing your liquids for a short period of time) as this change of season affects us all and to always provide plenty of liquids during this seasonal shift for all.


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