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Frequently Asked Questions

If I use Viand, do I need to feed anything else?

Technically, no. Viand diets are complete foods. However, you may wish to supplement their diet by the addition of raw, cooked, or canned foods for whatever your beliefs are. If you choose this method, just maintain the Viand diet as 50%-75% of the total diet based upon the feeding guidelines established by Viand. Always remember that dogs are carnivores, and carnivores eat meat.

Do I need to add any supplements to the Viand dog food?

As your dog’s life progresses, you will occasionally have to add supplements to his food to return his body to a state of balance. Viand offers a complete line of supplements and vitamins to help keep your dog healthy. Our supplements are designed to work with the Viand family of foods on animals that have been cleansed.

What can I give my dog for a snack?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best snacks. Greens are great, as are carrots. The best treat of all is a raw, frozen marrow bone. When your dog has eaten the marrow out of the bone, you can stick some raw meat mixed with peanut butter in the hole, refreeze it and give it as another treat. We also offer a complete line of dog biscuits, which make excellent treats. 

How long will a bottle of Unleash last?

A bottle of tablets will last a 100-pound dog 90 days. The powder will last a 50-pound dog, using 1/8 tsp per day, 180 days (six months). 

What do I feed my puppy? You don’t have a puppy food.

Of course we do. It’s called Viand Canine Growth and Maintenance, or Aelyon. We know all animals on earth eat the same foods throughout their lives, so do dogs and cats. We believe puppies and older dogs should eat the same balanced food. A puppy should eat approximately 50-100% more than an adult animal of the same weight. If you have a puppy, we stress the importance of the addition of whole, live foods. They are crucial during the growing period. See Feeding Puppies for more information.

Do I need to do the Detox Diet?

Not necessarily. You can go to The Viand Detox page on our website or do the simplified version. When your dog has a problem (like an allergy, for instance) cleansing his system will help eliminate toxins and will give him a balanced system on which to build good health.  

My dog is doing just fine. Why should I change foods?

Why are you asking this question? We founded Viand with the goal of providing a higher quality of life for our pet by giving you a basic understanding of holistic principles. Using Viand or Aelyon can only make your dog better than he is today. Feel free to browse this site and its links to find out more about your pet’s health and wellness. 

I'm considering adding a digestive enzyme to my dog's diet. Why should I use Unleash?

Unleash supplies plant and animal digestive enzymes that are normally acquired by eating raw and whole foods. A natural diet is abundant in enzymes, but there are dogs who, because of illness or genetically inherited diseases, are deficient in enzymes and need to have them supplemented. Older dogs benefit greatly from the addition of enzymes. As their digestive tracts age, they digest food less efficiently.

Do you suggest anything for ear infections and ear mites?

Yes, you can use garlic-mullein ear oil, 3 to 4 drops, 2 times daily.

If you have any questions you think we should add to our FAQ page, please e-mail us. Shop for all natural pet food at Viand Pet today!