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Loyalty & Referral

Viand Pet appreciates its customers, and have programs to reward you for purchases as well as incentives for referring others to us. See more details about our Loyalty and Referral Program below to learn how you can be rewarded for making your pets Viand pets!


Viand Pet has been online for more than 2 decades and a big reason for that, is the loyalty of our customers. Without you, we wouldn’t be here! To reward you for your loyalty, we’ve got a terrific points-based system. The program is simple, and can help you with immediate savings on our site.


Here’s How It Works:

For every purchase you make, you accrue points. Our computer keeps track of every point you earn. We do all the work, and you get the savings. And, here’s the best part: You can cash in your points anytime to save money on any purchase you like! And, like they say, the more you spend, the more you save. Save your points up for big purchases, or just knock a couple bucks off of a smaller purchase. They’re your points. Use them however you like!

Here are a few ways you can earn points:

  • Every Dollar Spent on Our Site = 2 Points (2% Back)
  • Refer a Friend = 1500 Points
  • Write a Testimonial = 1000 Points
  • Share on Social Media = 100 Points

Note: Loyalty points used towards purchases don't include shipping. We do not award loyalty points towards our Viand Express auto-ship program. Viand Express customers will save 5% off all orders in lieu of points. Loyalty points are only awarded to one time purchases and can be used towards anything on the Viand Pet website. All points come in the form of a discount code which can be redeemed from the blue Your Reward Points box in the lower right hand of our site, also see How do I use my points? explanation below.

Did you have a great experience with Viand?

Tell a friend! Loyalty has its rewards, especially if you share your enthusiasm about Viand Pet with friends! Refer a friend by clicking on the purple tab at the bottom of our site called Your Reward Points (must be logged in to see), then click on Earn then Refer a Friend Now. A new page will pop up with your referral link. You can share this link to anyone who has not already signed up with Viand. Referrals will be required to make a purchase before points can be applied to accounts. Your referral will need to sign up with the same email address you used to send the referral for points to be applied correctly. That's it!



How do I join the Viand Pet Loyalty Program?

Easy. Just sign up on our site, using the tab in the bottom right corner. Viand Pet will collect just the information needed to enroll you in the program and ensure that you are kept up to date on your points balance and membership benefits.

How do I use my points?

We setup a simple process to redeem your points. Loyalty customers will need to click on Your Reward Points, which is located in the blue box on the lower right side of our website. Once inside you will need to click redeem. If you have enough points on your account, you will be given different price discounts to redeem ( $25 off, $50 off, $75 etc.). Click redeem on any of the discounts you've earned and you will be given a discount code to use at check-out. If you haven't earned enough points yet the redeem button next to the discount will not work until you earn enough. Pretty Easy!

How do I check my Viand Pet Loyalty points balance?

Participating customers can view their accounts and current points balances by clicking on the "My Rewards" heading within the blue Your Rewards Points in the lower right of the site. If you have trouble logging in or have questions about your account, we will be happy to help and can also be reached at (914) 347-2000.

Watch our tutorial on how to use your reward points.