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Allergy Trio  "Spring Cleaning"  Unleash, Activator & Para

Allergy Trio "Spring Cleaning" Unleash, Activator & Para

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Spring Cleaning, your house, about Fido? Now's the time... Even if you think your dog is perfectly healthy, we ask you: Does he lick his paws excessively? Does he smell like a dog? Does he have bad breath? Ear or eye discharge? Excessive shedding? Hot spots? You may think this is normal for a dog, but it's not. It's a sign of ill health. The Allergy Trio is a premium dog supplement that has everything you need to start your dog on the path to wellness. Allergy Trio addresses: " Itching " Paw Licking " Dirty/Smelly Ears " Doggie Odor " Hot Spots " Excessive Shedding

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