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If Dogs Could Speak: How We and Man’s Best Friend Communicate

Posted by Evan Weber on

It’s been a recurring theme in movies and has tantalized the human imagination for many years; what would it be like if our dogs could speak? We love to imagine what sort of amusing, insightful, possibly even incriminating things they’d say if we spoke the same language.  Although we can’t speak to each other in the traditional sense, we have cultivated an exclusive understanding of one another. Tone and body language are the primary tools we use to communicate with man’s best friend.  Just as we learn to read theirs nuances, your dog learns to read yours. Tone is generally the most accurate indicator of mood. It’s how your dog knows when he’s in trouble, when he’s being praised, when you are happy and when you are down.  Body language also conveys feelings and emotions that we are seldom even aware of.  But make no mistake, those subtle gestures we exhibit throughout the day, send signals to our pets. Our body language lets them know when we are tense, when we’re relaxed, when we are bothered about something. Your four-legged friend is very keen on picking up these minute signals and it is one of the cardinal ways in which we communicate with our pets, even when we don’t know it.  Our senses, regardless of our species, are incredibly important. They’re how we navigate our world and experience it in its entirety. That importance becomes even more so when two parties don’t speak the same language, and though body language varies slightly from culture-to-culture, it is mostly universal. This is why it is so important to keep your dog’s senses keen and sharp, as they rely upon them greatly not only to experience the world around them, but also to better understand their owners. Many dog breeds are unfortunately prone to a litany of eyesight and hearing problems, especially into their old age which can interrupt their communication with the ones they love. Additionally with the recent spike in production of holistic and all-natural dog foods, all claiming to have the best ingredients, it can be overwhelming when it comes to making a decision as to which is best for maintaining the optimum health for your pet. Science and nutrition however tell us that the best diet for man’s best friend is one that most closely resembles their natural diet, meaning a natural grain-free diet that is rich in meats that are found in a canine’s natural diet. Perhaps one of the best supplemental balances can be found in Viand –  providing smart, sensible solutions to holistic dog food. A healthy, natural diet for your pooch means a shinier coat, improved physical health, and optimum eye and ear health to maintain good eyesight and hearing throughout life. More importantly, a healthy, balanced holistic diet for your pet  ensures that your dog’s senses never prevent them from experiencing life with you to the fullest.

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