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Opening Your Home to a New Cat in the New Year

Posted by Evan Weber on

When you decide to share your life with a pet, while a wonderful experience, there are many things to consider before making the commitment to care for an animal. Are you prepared to give him the attention he needs throughout his lifetime? If you change your lifestyle will you still be able to have room in your home and heart for a cat? Are you financially able to provide for him? The average cost of cat care is approximately $1,000 annually and that does not include dental care or treatment for chronic issues. If you are ready to start the new year off with a cat or kitten, consider a rescue animal from a nearby shelter.  Hundreds of adoptable, healthy animals are euthanized every year, and adoption via your local humane society will help lower animal overpopulation and give a chance of a happy healthy life to a feline friend in need.

Choosing a cat to bring home is quite an experience. You should wait for the particular feline that “speaks to you” – the one that has obviously been waiting just for you. Is he an adult cat? A kitten or a senior cat? They are all entertaining friends to have, as well as equally loving and lovable and will mold their odd yet funny quirks around you and your home. A kitten will need to be spayed or neutered as well as receive vaccinations. A tiny ball of energy that bounces through your home all day chasing imaginary creatures is indeed a joy, but a senior cat will also give you love and companionship although, like older humans, may have a few age-related ailments.

Once your new friend comes home he will need a good, healthy diet of made up primarily of premium pet food. Viand Cat Food is a meat-rich dry food with no artificial flavors, colors or fillers made with nature in mind. After a good, healthy meal, let your new cat settle into your home by introducing each space slowly. Not only is your adult cat or tiny kitten getting to know a new environment, there are people and possibly other animals to get used to. Give them space and let them discover how much they love you on their own while making sure they are safe and cannot wander outside of the house by mistake.

Whenever a new cat comes into the home, do not try to make friends as fast as possible. Let him come to you. Of course, treats cannot hurt in this process! Real Meat Fish and Venison by Viand is a jerky treat made with 95% meat and no added colors, fillers or preservatives are a good healthy choice for reminding your new friend that you love him.

Please remember that when you are adopting a cat, you must accept him for what he is – a cat, not a dog. It is very stressful living in a shelter and then moving into a home. They need to relax and get used to their new environment. Cats do not generally like to get dressed up the way dogs seem to and they will not behave all the time. Your new cat will probably not climb into your lap right away, and will most likely hide under the couch for a while. These little creatures need to be appreciated for who they are and by expecting a little less from them and being relaxed about their conversion from shelter cat to beloved pet you will find that you have made a friend for life.

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