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Flower Essences

Posted by Scott Pollak on

Flower essences address strength, balance and a range of psychological and emotional issues for animals and people alike. They may be called "metaphysical herbs" or herbs that work on a beyond-the-physical level. In contrast, allopathic medications, from prescription to over-the-counter drugs, work biochemically.

Flowers essences, on the other hand, work on the spiritual or psychological state underlying the physical condition; they do not need to pass through the digestive system for absorption. They address the problem at the level of thought or emotion that precedes the physical disharmony.

Healing with flowers is not new. Throughout time, fine-tuned survival instincts have led animals to graze on plants for their restorative properties. Who among us has not seen our pets eating grass or other plants from time to time?

About Flower Essences

How They Work

A vast range of your pet's symptoms and behaviors are easily addressed through the wise use of flower essences.

Animals whose owners use flower essences exhibit radically improved behavior that is not attributable to any variables other than the essences themselves. They may physically recuperate much faster than they would given the normally expected recovery time. We don't find skepticism among the animals-only among their human caretakers. Pets, in fact, respond to essences even more quickly than people do, generally requiring only two weeks on a single essence and often only a few days to see noticeable and quantitatively measurable results.


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