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Enjoying Their Golden Years: A Guide to Caring for an Aging Dog

Posted by Scott Pollak on

They’re there for us year after year, through our best times and through our worst. Aptly named, man’s best friend, our dog is always at our side. However, many pet owners struggle with the realization that their four-legged pal is growing older. After all, they are family, and while all good things must unfortunately come to an end, that doesn’t mean that you and your dog can’t enjoy their golden years to the fullest.

Just as in humans, there are many factors that contribute to a pet’s overall health and longevity. Among them are the obvious ones: nutrition, exercise, regular check-ups at the vet. We all know the value of a good nutritional diet and exercise, but there isn’t exactly a food pyramid or gym membership for dogs. As dogs age and become less active, they may also eat less. Often times, an aging pet may benefit from nutritional pet supplements  to meet the changing dietary needs as they age.

 Exercise and a happy life are necessary to maintaining optimal health, both physical and mental. As your four-legged pal reaches his/her senior years, they may not be able to run, jump and play the way they once could, however an exercise regiment geared towards their physical capabilities will keep them happy and healthy without overexertion, and may even prevent any illnesses/disorders that they may be prone to.

Understanding your pet’s genetics and nutritional needs at different stages in life and according to their breed is important. A holistic, nutritionally balanced diet  free of by-products and unnecessary fillers is always best for maintaining optimal health of your pet.   In fact, exercise and a good diet are so important to senior health that according to veterinarian and senior pet health expert, Dr. Ernie Ward, “Feeding your pet the proper nutrition in their senior years is critical to keeping them active and playful.” He goes on to emphasize the significance of light exercise, stating, “Exercise is critical to keeping your pet youthful. Keeping a pet lean as they age is one of the most important factors in preventing health issues.” That being said, it is important to present your senior pup not only a selection of toys and entertainment options, but also a nutritious and customizable diet designed to meet the nutritional needs of your pet at this stage in his/her life. This is where supplements particularly come in handy. A variety of supplements and optimally nutritious meals that may be geared towards the specific needs of your dog can be found at Viand, along with any questions you may have regarding care or nutritional needs of your senior pet.

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