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Should You Dress Up Your Dog or Cat?

Posted by Evan Weber on

Do you love dressing your fur friend in the latest fashion? Does your dog or cat enjoy it as much? Belonging to the species Canis familiaris, the latter part of the name indicates your dog and his ancestors' familiarity with their extended family, the human. Thoroughly domesticated for over fourteen thousand years, your dog may seem to tolerate dressing up gladly. By submitting to your fashion sense,your dog gains something valuable - your attention, and maybe an extra serving of real meat zombie apocalypse beef; a beef oatmeal and molasses cookie treat. 

On the other hand, dressing up your dog is to ignore his essential doggieness. The first part of his classification, Canis tells us that dogs are descended from a wolf-like ancestor. Among wolves, one animal will stand over another placing his body on top of and touching him, thus scolding him or putting him in his place. To a dog, an outfit that is tight fitting around his midriff and back might be reproducing that old feeling and eliciting not a sense of festivity and stylishness, but rather an uncomfortable feeling that someone higher ranking is nearby. Have you ever noticed a dog’s behavior when you dress him in that frilly tutu or tough looking biker jacket? He has probably frozen in place and when the last ribbon or strap is tied tries his best to get undressed by shaking, pawing or rolling around.

There is no denying that our dogs and cats look great dressed up. But, should pets wear outfits? There are those who love dressing up their pet, those who think it is wrong, and those who do not dress up their pet, but enjoy seeing others who do. And if you have cats, who tend to be a bit cantankerous to start with, when it comes to the whole dress up routine stick with a hat or a headpiece because the average full outfit wearing cat will most likely glare menacingly at you as if to warn you that they will get even with you when you least expect it. There really is not a whole lot in-between. Most cats would happily tear that expensive outfit to shreds and the hands that put it on them if you tried to even suggest wearing it. It really isn’t worth the photo op.

Should our pets get dressed up? It all comes down to their individual personality and how many layers they are going to have to contend with. If they tolerate wearing costumes, great…go for it. Just be sure to reward them with something special and healthy from VIAND. VIAND products have enhanced the animals’ state of health and as a pet owner you will be able to witness healthy improvements in your cat and dog’s lifestyle. Each product along with pertinent information is easily accessible at where you can also find details concerning general pet health and other current issues.

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