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The Good The Bad and Maybe the Ugly

Posted by Evan Weber on

Do you suffer from cynophobia, the pathological fear of dogs? Has anyone ever tried to tell you that if you just remained calm and not let him see you're afraid everything would be ok? Of course, that's easier said than done, especially when your heart is pounding and sweat is trickling down the back of your neck because you are standing within lunging range of either a Rottweiler or a tiny terrier.  

When dogs look at a trembling, panicky human, what do you think they see, if anything? Do they sense your terror, and if so, does it influence their behavior toward you? Does your fear of dogs make dogs more or less likely to bite you?

A canines' versatility and ability to interact with humans has convinced some people including the philosopher Plato that dogs have almost humanlike minds and moral sensibilities. However, there are those, like the 17th-century French mathematician, philosopher and scientist Descartes who dismissed dogs as soulless automatons who were incapable of thought, and who simply respond to environmental stimuli by reflex. While dogs are not quite the noble beasts the ancient Greeks described them as, they are closer in perception skills to humans and other primates than previously thought. As a matter of fact, a dog can understand a vocabulary of up to approximately 150 words, and even solve complex problems. Scientists and behaviorists have found that canines will study humans for cues and are able, to an extent, interpret facial expressions. Even telling the difference between a smile and a blank expression. Therefore, if a dog can identify a smile, he can probably pick up on the clenched teeth and wide eyes of a frightened person as well as changes in posture.

People who live with dogs and cats see every day how their pet reacts to them and the world they live in. Some dogs are smarter than others and may show more emotions than others. Dogs sense fear as well as anger and anxiety. As for love, empathy, jealousy or other emotions, it is not scientifically proven, but no one is really surprised when their dog snuggles up to them when they are in a sad mood. It is their way of saying “I love you and I know something is wrong. Can I help?” They may understand us better than we thought.

So take good care and love your pet back as fiercely as he loves you. The best way is with an all-natural diet consisting of high quality, natural, quality meat and ingredients in a dry food format. Purity is critical for dog foods, and Viand is an all-natural dog food rich in meat and is highly digestible. Without any artificial flavors, colors or fillers and closely replicating how your dog would eat in the wild, Viand Dog Regular Bite Dog Food is made with only the highest quality ingredients with chicken from the USA and lamb from New Zealand and Australia. Viand does NOT believe in all natural dog foods that are age or breed specific.

So, if a dog really understands emotions, is he reading the emotions and acting accordingly? If your dog senses that you are feeling sad or scared, when he comes to cuddle with you, is he really trying to comfort you, or is he taking advantage of your unhappiness to have his tummy rubbed? This is a secret that the canine world is holding close to the vest, but I prefer to believe that he loves me and wants to make it all better.

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